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(Paintings4 U) #1

hi , everyone can anyone tell me if i can sell my painting on craftjuice, i have looked but carnt seem to find any art.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

You don’t sell on craftjuice. It’s a place to promote your items

You can put paintings onto craftjuice under paperwork I would think would be the category.
You use the url for your item from your shop and have to rewrite your description so google picks it up.

You add keyword/tags. You add your photo of your item from your shop

Then it’s voted for once you get 5 votes craftjuice will promote it on twitter and facebook.

You can join the craftjuice thread in the Showcase part of our Folksy forum to see how we all vote for each other’s items.

(Paintings4 U) #3

hi , thanks for the advice will look into it