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(Paulsart) #1

new stock in my shop at low prices all at
pat art originals

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #2

Hi Paul / Pat (not sure which is your real name) :slight_smile: It’s lovely to see you on the forums, but to be honest, starting one or more threads on these forums telling people about your shop each day won’t help you to get sales, and might start to annoy some people (after all, if we all did a thread about our shop every day the forum would be full of thousands of threads) :slight_smile:

You are best to advertise your shop on Facebook or Twitter or other places like that where buyers are more likely to be looking for art work :slight_smile:

Or join in things like the Daily Listing thread on here, rather than starting lots of your own threads :slight_smile:

Keep up the painting, it looks like you have lots of fun doing it, and I hope you get some sales x

(Paulsart) #3

ok thank you I didn’t know
from pat art aka paul