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My photos arent loading?

Am a new seller here on Folksy and trying to list first item.
My photos are within teh 4 mb spec but will not load?

Hi Lucy, I’ve just loaded a couple of pics and they’ve loaded fine, I tried different sizes… 1mb, 3mb and 4mb and they all loaded ok.
Try putting one very small photo on, if that works you can finish your listing details and publish. You can go back and edit and add more photo’s afterwards.

Thankyou! Will try that today.

I’ve had either the same thing or a similar problem. I figured out I was trying to upload them too quickly one after another. Now I either wait for one to upload then start another or I wait 15 seconds before trying to start the next upload.

I find it very slow going that it doesn’t seem possible to select multiple photos to upload together on Folksy!