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My returns address

Hello! Silly question incoming!

So I moved house about a year ago, and can’t seem to change the address that appears on my order details printout! Does anyone know where the button is hidden away somewhere? I keep ending up looking at my postage address for things I’ve bought!

Luckily, the return address is my parent’s, so nothing’s going to disappear, and nobody’s returned anything!

J :slight_smile:

If you go into your dashboard and look under the shop settings header, there is a shop settings link and if you click on this, your shop address is at the bottom of the page.

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Jessie @JessieMakesStuff - had the same problem when I moved a couple of months ago. There are 2 places where you have to change your address One is under profile, addresses, the other under shop settings. I assumed if you changed one that would be enough but not so!

I’m so glad someone has asked this! It’s happened to me, thank you, I know how to sort it now.

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I had to ask Admin this a few months ago because I couldn’t for the life of me think why it hasn’t changed when I’d changed it under my address. I’d never come across a website where I’ve had to change my address in 2 different places! Haha Glad you got sorted.

Its the same on the other side - 2 different places where you need to change your address - in case you are thinking of moving over there when you leave the UK :slight_smile:

I already sell on there, so at least I can keep that shop open! Haha I’ll be sad to leave this one though.