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Postal address query - help needed please

(Juniper Spools) #1

Hi, it’s me again with another issue - but on a positive you did solve the last one for me.

A customer purchased and did not pay so I emailed. They thought they had paid but had not so tried again. Still no success, so I sent a paypal invoice. They have now paid and emailed to let me know. The issue is that in the email they have said that after paying they noticed that the delivery address was incorrect in paypal and should be the one that they had used on Folksy.

Is there an issue with me posting to the address as shown in Folksy when this is different to the one in paypal? The order is only £5.10 including postage.

Many thanks in advance, Cassie

(Sonia Adam) #2

I have posted to a different address to that shown on my paypal account before. Sometimes the customer has forgotten to update their address on their paypal account. I was happy to do it but I believe the protection offered by using paypal is negated if you send to an address that isn’t ‘verified’ by them. It’s your call in the end but I might encourage them to ensure their paypal address is corrected for future purchases as it is in their interest to do so.
Sorry if that wasn’t much help - you’re no further forward after my response!

(Roz) #3

I believe both seller and buyer protection is only available if you send to the address registered with paypal. I guess if the order is only for £5.10 including postage I would probably take the risk but it might be worth pointing out to your customers that they won’t be covered by paypal protection.

(Earth And Air Jewellery) #4

Although you won’t be covered by Paypal’s seller protection if you don’t send it to the address listed on there, for the sake of risking £5.10 I think I’d probably rather have a happy customer so I’d send it to the address they asked. Is it something that you can recreate if it doesn’t make it there? You could maybe politely email them back suggesting that they wouldn’t be covered by Paypal buyer protection if their account details are incorrect, and suggest they update their Paypal details ASAP?
And by the way, your shop is gorgeous, I LOVE your Christmas decorations :smile:

(Earth And Air Jewellery) #5

Oops, hadn’t realised, Roz has just said that, sorry Roz for not paying attention :wink:

(Juniper Spools) #6

Thank you all, I have posted and emailed suggesting the customer updates her delivery details so hopefull all will go well.

@EarthAndAirJewellery thank you for you lovely comment about our christmas decorations.