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My views on stats - does this include how often I have looked!?

(HCDesigner) #1

Hi there,

I am very new to Folksy and am trying to understand how it all works.

I just wondered…when I look at my views under the ‘stats’ tab, does this include how many times I have looked at my own products? I have looked a few times as I am checking the wording, tags, photos, etc and wondered if the views might just be me!

Bit sad, hey?:confused:

Many thanks,


Shop Stats-stupid question alert!
(Paula Rayson) #2

I think that they do yes. When I’ve editted items they are always on my views. Wish they could show shop views that never go into individual items, just browse the main pages.

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(HCDesigner) #3

Thank you, I thought that might be the case. Not as popular as I might have hoped!!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

only if you clicked on them when you are logged out of your account they don’t count when you click on your items when you’re logged into your account.

(HCDesigner) #5

Oh, thanks. So hopefully they were genuine views then, fantastic. Thanks for your help.

(Sally Eira) #6

hi - yes i think they do count even when you are logged in as my figures go up when i do lots of editing etc.

( Valerie Dockerty) #7

Yes I think they do count if you are logged in or not

(Dawn Sneesby) #8

Yes, they do count. If I have edited photos etc my views go up.

(Julie Maginn) #9

Definitely do count even if you are logged in.

(HCDesigner) #10

Thanks everyone! Back to not being excited about increased views :cry:

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