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Dashboard views numbers

(Amberlilly) #1

Morning all!
Does our views on the dashboard include our own views? I know if logged into Google analytics, unless you enter your IP address it will include your view.
Also, while I’m here, Lol. When on the forums how do you go back to your own menu/dashboard?
Thanks :smile:

(Christine Shephard) #2

Yes, your own views are included, but it only counts item views, not shop views.

To get back to my dashboard, I click on the Folksy logo at the top of the page. then select my shop menu. There’s probably a quicker way - someone will tell us :smile:

(Samantha Stanley) #3

That’s useful information-I’ve been wanting to know for a while, but never go round to asking. Thanks!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

When logged in the folksy counter doesn’t include your views of your items.

However if you view one of your items when logged out of your shop then yes it’s included in the your views.

To get back to your shop from here you can simply click on your shop name in your post that’s in blue.

Otherwise do what I do have one window open for my shop and another for the forum.

(Amberlilly) #5

Thanks Eileen, that’s good then, so it looks like I am getting some views.:slight_smile: