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Shop view figures - does it include my views of my shop?

(Andie) #1

It might be covered somewhere but I can’t find it but does anyone know whether the number of shop views that show up in Shop Stats include when I look at my own shop? I got over excited this morning as I had 103 views yesterday, but then wondered how many of them were me updating listings and collating Pinterest boards.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Yes your shop views (in folksy stats) will include you looking at your item pages. If you sign up for google analytics you can add a filter so that it excludes you viewing yourself in the data it shows (however I’m still working on finding a way of getting it to filter out all the web bots/ ghost views so that I only see real views).

(Andie) #3

Thanks @SashaGarrett, I wish I’d not asked now :disappointed:

(Roz) #4

Just be aware with google analytics that if you use a mobile device to look at your shop it doesn’t always get excluded by the filters as the IP address changes.