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Name change but not on forum

(Amberlilly) #1

Don’t know why my shop name hasn’t filtered through to the forum, I changed it to Amberlillys. Does it stay with your first choice, no prob but just wondered?

(Leanne Woods) #2

Maybe it’s the log out/in thing. I know the link doesn’t appear until a user has logged out and in, maybe it will update if you do that.

Random stab in the dark though, I’ve not the first clue if it’ll work or not:)


(Stephanie Guy) #3

I would suggest logging out and in again too, and if that doesn’t work contact admin. Good luck!

(Jo Sara) #4

Your forum name is your username, you can’t change that.

Here’s some info from the Folksy helpp section -


(Amberlilly) #5

Yes I know, its not the username. Its the Shop. But will try login out again.

(Jo Sara) #6

Sorry, wasn’t thinking straight when I read your post this morning. Yep, agree with you and the others, logging in and out of the forum, and if that doesn’t work an email to admin.

Think I need to come into the forums after I’ve had a brew or two in the mornings :smile: