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Name change what do yoi think?

Hi guys
We have had our shop on here for over a year now and only sold a couple of things, so we let it run down . Then I kind of missed it .
So we are truthful again and never changed ou name from String O Beads to Gemology .
What do you think to the new name ?

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I like it - it’s catchy!

Thank you very much

I prefer Gemology to String o Beads but it does suggest a level of knowledge about gemstones so make sure you know your stuff in case someone asks questions.

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Hi Annette. I feel the new name is a step in the right direction. I looked at your shop and wonder whether it would benefit from a few more items to build buyer confidence. Also, photographing jewellery well is quite difficult. Your lacey mannequin is lovely but i would try for more variation. Maybe take some shots with rocks as props or items that introduce a bit more colour…

Thanks for the feed back
We are in the process of taking new photos so we can add more items , but it does take a long time.
Thanks again