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Name ideas for weebly site

(Susan Mochrie) #1

Hello all,
I have just set up a very basic website in weebly. its all going well considering it took me ages as I am pretty useless at understanding the technicalities!
I’ll probably do a link to my Folksy shop for selling items.

The problem is, what to call my site. My daughter already has a weebly site called Talulah Blue, as it’s her stage name and domain.
Originally we just lumped all our shops together with the same name, but now it’s possibly getting confusing, as we have developed our own identities. I make glamorous accessories, if you didn’t know…

I thought of “Mimi Mochrie” so far, as it’s my surname. I would love to hear any ideas, Happy Easter xx

(Julie) #2

Unless you really want to rebrand completely, I’m not sure it’s a great idea to totally move away from the name you’ve become established with - I’d work at least “talulah” into the domain name if you can. Not sure I have any great suggestions as to what though! talulahblueaccessories is probably a bit long. Maybe something like talulahschest or talulahsattic.

This way you would both benefit from the talulah name in search results.

Edited to add: avoid temptation to include any punctuation like dash or underscore.

(Deborah Jones) #3

tricky one , if you are linking through to here for your shop then it will be confusing if the names are different.
Can you not stick with Talulahs Accessories ?

I see Julie above and I are thinking along the same lines I was just looking at google translate to see if there was a perfect french word for chest or wardrobe or trappings etc but not found one.

Talulahs Temptations , Blue Boudoir , Talulahs Boudoir

not much help sorry

(Susan Mochrie) #4

Thanks girls, any suggestions are very helpful. I see what you mean about messing around with the name I’ve established myself with, then wanting to link it.
It was my OH’s idea to change it as he says it’s too confusing to have my accessory shop with almost the same name as daughter’s site although I don’t think she is bothered and I haven’t asked her about the weebly names.

At the moment we are “Talulah Blue”(her) and “Talulahblue”(me) in weebly.
We are “Talulahblue Burlesque”(her) and “Talulahblue”(me) in Etsy

So it’s already all mixed up, lol!!

(Susan Mochrie) #5

Okay, daughter has instructed me to change it, I can still use Talulah if I want!

I’ve gone for Talulah Bijoux!