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NATO Visit

(Bojanglies) #1

Anybody in Cardiff this week…?
Why fence the CASTLE?! Ridiculous.

And Obama’s visiting Newport…

(Pauline Hayward) #2

I saw that on the news last night and I think I also read on Facebook that he’s visiting Gloucester too.

(Brenda Cumming) #3

On the motorway last week they had erected miles and miles of fencing…a bit weird because people could still climb over it !

(Bojanglies) #4

Apparently we’re expecting 20000 protesters over the next couple of days…

I’ve just walked inside the RING OF STEEL!
There were about 300 policemen there. Some of them armed…
All seems rather excessive!

(Stitchcity) #5

Ohh I work really close to Bute Park in Cardiff and its MAD this week, police everywhere (all looking like theyre having a right laugh, like its a big police fun day!) and huge military helicopters circling really low!

If anyones in the area theres going to be a massive fly-past on Friday morning, Red arrows and the like, im definitley going to get out to see it!

(Bojanglies) #6

I missed the fly-by!!

Didn’t hear a peep from the Arrows - the helicopters were circling Canton all night though…

(Stitchcity) #7

Actually was kind of dissapointing! They literally just flew over the bay in the direction of Newport and then that was it… I was kind of expecting them ALL to fly in a big formation together but they were just in 3s and then the red arrows came last, they were cool though!

(Maxine Veronica) #8

I missed it too! I work in west gate street in town, and didn’t think it worth the hassle so worked out of pontypridd instead, was busier there than cardiff though lol! Typical

(Bojanglies) #9

Anybody fancy a folksy meet up when all the fencing comes down?!