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North Wales Holiday! Any recommendations? :)

(Christine E.) #1

I’m off on holiday soon to Brithdir near Dolgellau! I’ve been to Wales loads of times (I was born and brought up in Hereford) We like walking, but also we like quirky things- historical buildings, markets, crafts (of course!), wildlife…Got some great suggestions a couple of years ago when we went to the Lake District! Who lives in Wales and could make some recommendations? :slight_smile: Thanks so much! Perhaps I could reciprocate with things to do in London!

(Kelly) #2

Hi again Christine @coatimundi,
I lived in Wales and will be moving back there this year, I really do miss it!! I think you’re spoilt for choice in North Wales, there’s just so many beautiful places! I lived on the Isle of Anglesey. Dolgellau is a lovely place too! Hope you enjoy it. x

(Christine E.) #3

Thanks, Kelly! We’ve been to Anglesey twice- holiday with our first babe to Rhosneigr many moons ago and more recently an estate called Mynachdy on the North coast. Gorgeous!

(Kelly) #4

I know where Rhosneigr is Christine @coatimundi, haven’t been to Mynachdy though. Pwllheli is a nice quite place and is a main market town, it’s not huge though. I loved the beach there years ago but now it’s all stony.

Have you ever been in places like Conwy Castle? Conwy is lovely if you’ve never been! x

(Sally Eira) #5

conwy is nice and conwy castle is the best :slight_smile:
and has the smallest house in britain - it’s tiny !

(Kelly) #6

It is indeed Sally @SallyandtheFreckles. I love your shop name by the way!! x :wink:

(Sally Eira) #7

does the lady still sit outside the tiny house ?

(Kelly) #8

I’m not sure to be honest, although I’ve been to Conwy more times than I can ever remember I haven’t visited there since last February. x

(madebyluba) #9

Try to visit Portmerion, the village where ‘The Prisoner’ was filmed in the 60s. It’s an Italianate village, designed and built by an architect in the 1930’s I think. I’ve been 3 times now, and always find something I didn’t see before. Lots of little paths winding around, and you don’t know where you will end up. Have a lovely time. Dolgellau is lovely too, hope it’s still as unspoilt as I remember it from about 30 years ago. Have fun, Luba xx

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #10

I recommend Conwy and Portmeition too. I haven’t been to Portmeirion for years but It’s so beautiful, and unusual. It reminds me of Noddy’s Toyland

It’s so difficult to pin point places because it’s all so beautiful.

(bluelilymagnolia) #11

Anglesey is lovely, and Snowdonia (depends how north north is!) - Betws y Coed area. I love Llangollen area too and the Dee Valley. One of my fav places North Wales so too many to list!

(Stefan Christopher) #12

I went to University at Bangor University and it really is lovely up there in North Wales.
I went back up there with my girlfriend last year and we had a very nice time staying in Colwyn Bay as a base.

Porthmadog is also supposed to be good.

(Kelly) #13

I took the kids to the Haven in Porthmadog. It’s a nice place however the Haven was rather small and I wouldn’t choose to go back to it. We always take them to one of them every year during the holidays. x

(Christine E.) #14

Some great suggestions here, although I have visited them all before but I’m happy to go again! Thanks, everyone!

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #15

How about Beddgelert?

The man who wrote the Rupert Bear stories lived there and the location apparently inspired his stories.
There’s also the legend of Gelert the dog:


I grew up just up the road from Mynachdy its in llanfairynghornwy. When we were kids we ran wild across those fields and beaches.
Have you thought about somewhere in the mountains @coatimundi beddgelert is lovely as is betws y coed. They’d be perfect if you enjoy walking holidays :slight_smile:

(Christine E.) #17

Lowri, I heard the story of Gelert when I was at school- I really loved it! We have been there- there was a nice ice cream shop last time which sold loads of different flavours- wonder if it’s still there? Donna, I’d forgotten the name of the ‘village’!- there was a Post Office which was never open and allegedly sold some groceries, though when we looked through the window there seemed to be a couple of cans of something or other on the shelf :slight_smile: What a great place to spend your childhood though! We stayed in Betwys y Coed last time we were in North Wales! Seems like I’ve been everywhere!

(Christine E.) #18

My OH is also going to the Brecon Jazz Festival in August, as he does every year. Has to go with his other girlfriends, though. I love Wales, but hate jazz! we went to Pembrokeshire last year and stayed near St Davids. We went to a craft shop in a village- lovely things, but nothing really that we wanted to buy. However, as there were two staff and no other customers, I felt we should buy something. Later, looking at the scented candle, I saw the message “Made in the USA”! :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #19

Porth Dinllean and the Ty Coch Inn near Morfa Nefyn are well worth a visit. The Ty Coch Inn was voted the third best beach bar in the world a year or two ago…I’m not sure who was voting lol, but it is really lovely.

(Christine E.) #20

I’ve never heard of those, Stephanie. I’ll definitely check them out!