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Natural Products for Problem Skin

(Bridget Mallison) #1

Hello, hope everyone is enjoying their Friday.

I was wondering if anyone sells natural products that could help soothe and improve problem skin, which I unfortunately suffer from continuously.

In particular, cleansers, toners, soaps or such.

Looking forward to seeing if anyone has anything suitable.

Thanks in advance.


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi Bridget, try Donna at @ShropshireNaturalProducts, I’m sure she could help you and I know her products are wonderful!

(Bridget Mallison) #3

Thanks for the recommendation, I have already been eyeing up her spot zapper and some of her other products.


(Sharonj19) #4

I can’t recommend any natural products I’m afraid - it seems even those irritate mine. I have super sensitive skin and over the last year or so my skin has been terrible for the first time in my life :frowning: I have found that the only products I can use that don’t irritate my skin are Dermalogica - I use the cleanser and the moisturiser - it is an american brand and quite pricey but the only one that works for me.

(Donna) #5

Good Morning, I thought I could feel my ears burning over the weekend lol
Thank you for recommending me Margaret @Louisa15 :smile:
Bridget @xBridgetx You don’t say what the problem is with your skin, but these 3 soaps are great for pretty much anything
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Donna x

(Bridget Mallison) #6


Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

I meant to write what my skin was like, I am so forgetful. I suffer from acne/dry skin, mainly.

I’m keenly awaiting payday on Friday, so I can try something of yours!

(Donna) #7

Sorry it too me so long, I try not to switch my laptop on at the weekend. I made the turmeric and tee tree soap for acne originally, it had great anti bacterial properties as well as being moisturising, :smile:
Donna x

(Bridget Mallison) #8


I forgot to ask, are any of your products vegan friendly? I’m not currently a vegan but I am looking to go down that lifestyle route, gradually.

(Donna) #9

Good morning Bridget @xBridgetx , all my soaps and bath bombs are suitable for vegans and my lip balms and pulse point sticks are all vegetarian,
Donna x

(Bridget Mallison) #10



So, the Spot Stick and the Flu Vapour Rub aren’t vegetarian then? Sorry for the many questions!

(Donna) #11

Hi Bridget,
They are vegaterian, just not vegan as they contain beeswax.
Donna x

(Donna) #12

@xBridgetx Thank you for your order Bridget. I promised a free Christmas soap to my 100th customer. If you have a look in my shop and let me know which you’d like I’ll send it with your order.
Donna x

(Bridget Mallison) #13


Thanks for the quick response! I wasn’t sure, as the Spot Stick and Vapour Rub wasn’t mentioned in your previous comment about what was vegetarian and vegan.

My pleasure, I can’t wait to receive the items. Oh, how lovely about being the 100th customer, that’s very kind of you to include a free soap. Could I please choose the Mulled Wine Christmas Soap? I love Mulled Wine, it’s my favourite Christmas Scent.

(Donna) #14

I’ll have them in the post for you today :slight_smile: Thanks again for your order.
Donna x