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PLEASE HELP With my Product Name Poll

We are developing a funky new range of products aimed at a new, younger demographic. The hope is that we can attract students of aromatherapy or alternative therapies and later migrate them to our Mother Natures Goodies label. perhaps we just attract people just embarking on their aromatherpay adventure.

We have an exciting nee label( more later) and a bunch of funky names. Can you please spend a minute ticking the names you like and leaving blank the ones you don;t blank. TAKES. LITERALLY A MINUTE.

Huge thanks.


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What sort of products are these names potentially for? eg Luscious lime would work well for a shower gel but I don’t think it would encourage me to buy an essential oil (maybe I’m just not young enough). Maybe I’m just being hopeful but wouldn’t aromatherapy students be more concerned about the quality (and /or price) of the oils rather than the name?
I also think that back in the day I used to wear a ‘sensual sandelwood’ perfume oil by The Bodyshop might be worth checking they don’t still sell it.

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I think its a bit of everything. Our prices are very competitive and the quality is therapeutic Grade which will be clear on the packaging, as will the fact we are Aromatherapy Trade Council Members.

So the issue is will a more trendy name help us with the younger market and the truth is we don’t know. Our instincts are that it will and this product will be predominantly Amazon based.

Will check out the Body Shop but I think they couldn’t really claim and sort of trademark on those two words as they are in general use. I suspect the TM would be Bodyshop Sensual Sandlewood… There would be clearly ( I hpe) no passing off implication.

Appreciate the feedback as its great to see it through a new pair of eyes.

To me looking at the list of names I can see things like suave cedarwood working well on male grooming products, sensual sandelwood for a massage oil, calming chamomile as a temple balm (ditto laid back lavender) rather than as straight essential oils. Chillin’ petigrain really doesn’t help me as a product name as I’m none the wiser as to what it smells like or what I would use it for.
(The market for natural products, free from certain chemicals is a growing one, popular with not just young people but with hipsters, think beard balms and lo-poo shampoos and I’m realising I spend too much time reading lifestyle blogs when I’m supposed to be keeping up with jewellery trends)

I think you need to be careful with “Boss” black pepper. “Boss” is a fairly well known trademark, so I should keep away from it if I were you. I find the names you have chosen a bit old-fashioned, to be honest, unless you are being deliberately tongue-in-cheek. My advice is to ask a teenager how they would describe your products and go from there, because words go in and out of fashion very quickly.

Sam x

“Epic” seems to be in fashion at the moment…

Sam x

I’ve just had a look at the Lush Cosmetics UK website. They use off the wall names for their products to appeal to the 18-35 age group. I would scan them for inspiration as they seem to be able to pitch their product names really well.

Sam x

On my way to the Lush site now.

We did a focus group of ten of our target market before and after the names were short listed. Interestingly the three that the group hated have received no votes so far in the poll. Otherwise the results are pretty identical, which is why we are trying to increase the sample size. I think we have about 40% of them nailed but the rest need work. That’s whats great about forums and FB because wec an all test things.
So grateful for the comments

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You can see the problem. If we go the clue is in the name route, we stay confined to whats already out there. If we go the abstract route, we cant establish any sort of link. When we did the focus group, some of the words we were given were almost unprintable.

Thanks for all the input.

I’ve voted for mine. I must say, I really like Grans Geranium, it has that vintage feel (which is also on trend).

Natalie x

thanks for the help/ Believe it or not, until your vote grans geranium didn’t get a single vote lol. Like you i love it. Two others no votes yet either

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