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Needing a Kick-start

I’ve been through a low patch and only being creative really helps me get out. I decided to have a thorough sort-out of all my ‘makes’ - the ones I’ve never posted for sale - and was staggered by how much there was.
Next decision - to offer the few items I do have in my Folksy Shop, plus others that I’m pleased with, in a Grand Clearance Sale!
I feel that being autistic and bi-polar results in my not having a clear ‘style’ and so makes it difficult to define what I create. I’m inspired by what I see and my reactions to it. Does anyone have advice for this sort of situation please?
I hope it’s OK to post this in this category. Please excuse me if it’s not. Have a great crafting evening!


Gemma why not add the items you have never posted for sale at the full price, then later on offer a sale weekend or week. Just to add, I love your craft cupboard, it’s so colourful.


I agree - your work is beautiful - I’m sure anything you’ve made will be lovely. Just post it all for full price - it doesn’t matter if you think it’s not a cohesive body of work - people will be browsing and searching for individual items anyway!

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Hello, Thank you for your response. Would you mind giving me a pointer (a place I could look on the site would be great as I struggle to navigate it) as to how I go about offering a sale weekend please?
I’ve been posting on my blog about re-vamping my cupboard - needed to be active after a ‘low’ week! It’s still colourful, just a bit more organised and with some of my artwork on the walls.

Hello and thank you. It’s so good to have positive input and I really appreciate it. Also your thoughts on my non-cohesive style is so useful. I’m working on something different again which equals more time ‘playing’ and not enough ‘posting’. Hey-ho.

There is a section when you are signed in to add a discount.
Look in “Your Shop” “Dashboard” then look down the left hand side for “Shop Settings” there’s a bit that says something like “discount codes” if you click on that it asks for a code, here you can put say Sale7, or anything you find suitable, this is the code you customer must use to get the discount, then it asks for a percentage, which say you put in 10% your customer would get 10% off the price., and then below that you put in an expiry date, i.e. say a week from the day you do it, or how long you want your discount to last.
I hope this all makes sense.

Fantastic! Thank you so much for your time.

I’d get it all listed first, see how your shop looks and then decide whether or not to have some sort of discount event.

When I have lots to list, like after I’ve done a market, I set myself little targets such as “this week I will list two items every day” or “today I’m going to list all the key rings” and I soon find that my shop is filling up.

You have some very nice things, good luck xxx

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Sometimes we are too close to our own work to see our ‘style’ yet when another person looks at it to them it is obvious that it has all been made by the same hands. You could try using the drag and drop facility within the shopkeeping bit of the dashboard to reorganise your listings to give your shop a more cohesive look when you’ve finished listing everything. You could possibly organise things into colour groupings and see how that looks as I’ve seen that used to successfully bring together many different items to a cohesive whole.

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Thank you so much for replying to my plea for help. Good tips that I’ll definitely take on board.

Fantastic advice. Thank you so much for your response.

I forgot to mention that you can also have a Sale section in your Shop Collections, much easier I think.

Good luck Marilyn! Me too I struggle with keeping to one style, or even one media… Marion