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New and looking for networking and shop-friends!

(Carolina Franco Moran) #1

I have only recently re-launched my shop after a long break.
I am now finding it hard to get viewers and customers, so I looking for people interested in doing some networking.

By “networking” I simply mean: visiting each other shops, favouriting items, liking Facebook pages, giving feedbacks, pieces of advice or simply keep in touch through forums and messages.

What do you think?

If you are interested,
this is the link to my shop: Hi all,
my name is Carol.
I am a fine artist and I produce designs inspired by everyday life objects and the pop culture.
I sell them as original artworks, prints or printed on cotton t-shirts and tote bags.

Please, come by and take a look!
I will be glad to return the favour xxx

And here’s my Facebook page:

Please, stop by and feel free to message me!
I will be glad to return your favours!

Carol xxx

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Hi Carol, I’ve been and liked your fb page from my personal page so that it counts towards your likes. Here’s mine

Why not also join us on the art chat thread? We’re a very friendly bunch. There’s a new thread starting every Monday, this is the current one Weekly Art Chat Thread w/c 21 April

(Margaret Jackson) #3

I agree with Stephie, come and join us on the weekly art chat thread, all artists welcome! :smile:

(Stephanie Short) #4

Hi Carol,
I’ll pop over and like your page, here’s mine :smile:

(Trevor Harvey) #5

Hi Carol, I’ve also liked you from my personal page, my Facebook page is here:

(Pauline Hayward) #6

I’ve liked you also from my personal page.


(Carolina Franco Moran) #7

Thank you all so much!! I am on my way to return all your likes xxx

(Pauline Hayward) #9

Thank you for my like!!


(Christine Moore) #10

Hi Carol, I have had a look at your shop, loving the bridesmaids tote bags;) Have pinned one on my folksy handmade board if you want to pop over and take a look. I popped over to your facebook page too and left you a like, but if you really want to be networking you might want to consider setting your fb page up so that others can post to your page ? My page is Btw it is nice to find someone who is in the same area as me too, I am just down the road from you in Adlington :slight_smile: Good Luck xx

(Carolina Franco Moran) #11

Hi Christine,
thank you for your nice words and for taking the time to stop by my shop and page!
The reason why I don’t allow posts on my facebook page is because I find it distracting for other viewers and I much prefer if people message me privately!

Thanks again!
I will gladly return your like and will stop by to your shop too xxx


(Debbie) #12

Hi Carol,

Why don’t you add your shop and Facebook page to my thread ‘I want to promote you’ I will get round to you, promise! :slight_smile: