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New and losing my bottle about listing items

I’m new here and haven’t yet put items in my shop but started it yesterday and managed to work away for 7 hours today! But… I’m really worried about listing my items. What if nobody likes them? Its like putting myself out in public for all to see and crafting is so different than any other “job” (I say it this way as it doesn’t feel like work to me at all -I love it!".
I find myself criticising every single thing I made, each tiny thread out of place…ahhh. Fresh eyes tomorrow I think!
I wish there was a way to anonymously ask for opinions x

Honestly, just have faith in yourself :slight_smile:
Art is so subjective…some people may love your work, others may not but you have to put it out there in order to sell it :slight_smile:

I know as artists we all put a little bit of our heart and soul into our creations and it can feel a bit like personal criticism if your work doesn’t garner much interest but it also feels absolutely amazing when you do sell something and you get great feedback!

Go for it x

I’m the same - so self critical but it does get easier as time goes on. I find it really hard to promote my things on social media for this very reason. Try joining some of the promotional threads on this forum - everyone is super friendly and will give constructive advice/criticism if needed. I always tell myself if I like something enough to list it for sale then there must be at least one other person out there that will have the same taste!

Be brave and lets see your shop stocked up - Good luck.

Completely agree with Roz and Sarah, give it a go, it’s lovely when someone appreciates your work and even better when you get a sale :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing what you’ve made


Yes, I agree with the other’s, give it a go, look forward to seeing your miniature’s. :slight_smile:

Don’t we all get a slight sinking feeling when we look at the listing screen? I know I do. List your work, describe it well, put loads of tags on so people can find it and if the right person sees it, it will sell.

If things aren’t selling after a while, then you can adjust your promotion strategy (yep, you have to promote…) or change the design slightly. It’s a a learning process, and I certainly wouldn’t say I know very much of all there is to know yet, but I am learning!

Sam x

I think the majority of crafters are reticent about showing their wares and putting them out on display for the
wider world to see.

Want to get some sales? Be brave. Be bold. Be seen.

I am also very critical of my own things but the only way you are going to find out if they sell and then improve and grow as a crafter is to get them listed! Everyone on Folksy is very supportive, I think there is no better place for anyone who is just starting to sell their work. I’m looking forward to seeing your shop @Dollyshandmademiniatures.

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