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New bead shop semi precious gems and rocks

Hi there i am just in the process of listing new beads in a new shop…‘Pretty Gems and Rocks’…semi precious beads, rocks and swarovski crystals…why not popover ans say hello :smiley:

Well i popped over to look but couldn’t see any, happy to wait until you do list some :slightly_smiling:

Hi Debbi, this is linking to your other shop, not the new one… :slightly_smiling:

If you want to link to your new shop you will either have to provide a clickable link or log out of both your shop and the forums and then log into the forums as your new shop - then we can all see your pretty beads :slight_smile:

Sorry i was logged in with my jewellery shop…and yes my shop is empty just now sold the latest stock…more coming soon…i will provide a link when i have more stock :slight_smile: