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New collection listed after taking advice re photography

(Heidi Meier) #1

Hi - after all the tips and hints given over the past few months, I’ve finally got around to photographing my latest designs and have now listed them (thanks @folksycontent1!) . Things I changed from my previous pictures include:

  • a more contrasting (but still neutral) frame to avoid the picture frame being too washed out with the pale background and accessories
  • played around with the settings on my camera again and brightened the pictures after taking them with my ‘in-house’ PC software (so not having to buy anything new)
  • consistent use of accessories to tie in with the existing photos.
  • added in some close ups for detail.

I also recently reshot some of my cards designs, and made some accessories to go with them (empty boxes covered in wrapping paper) - really pleased with those. Just goes to show the more you experiment with / try out different ideas, the more confident you gain!!

I listed about six new designs today but here’s a couple (any thoughts/ other tips on the photography greatly welcomed/ appreciated):

(Deborah Jones) #2

congrats - I think your photos look great , clear and appealing . The frame colour and room set up work a treat .
The birthday card ones are bright and exciting.

I hope an increase in sales rewards you for the time and care you have put in, they should do.

(Leslie Morton) #3

Excellent job! I feel that cards should always be photographed in a way that shows that it is a card, not a full on picture of the front. Otherwise, to me it looks like the artwork is what is for sale, not a card.

(Camilla) #4

Great shots Heidi! I think that frame works beautifully - and the shots are lovely and clean. Super super impressed with all the thought you’ve put into it too. Definitely a new badge and favourite find for you :blush:

(Melanie Commins) #5

They look awesome! I love how you’ve used the little animals. :slight_smile:

(Minerva) #6

They do look so bright and pleasant. Quite inviting feel in your shop.

Is your shelf close to a window? Do you have lots of natural light there…or is it your settings in your camera & PC? Or both? Just curious…

(Heidi Meier) #7

Thanks @DeborahJonesJewellery - I was meaning to do something for ages but as always, other things always got in the way. I’m glad you think they look nice - fingers crossed for those sales! I was reading up on keywords this afternoon - there’s a whole new kettle of fish!!

(Heidi Meier) #9

Thanks @ManiacalMosaics - the irony is I suggested this to someone on the forums as a good idea, and it took me about a year and a half to do it myself :flushed: lol!

(Heidi Meier) #10

Yay - thanks @folksycontent1!!

(Heidi Meier) #11

Courtesy of the six year old daughter! Oops I’m getting told off by the Forum monitor thing that’s saying I’m replying to too many posts - sorry but seems a bit rude not to reply individually!! :smile:

(Heidi Meier) #12

Thanks @Minerva - it took me several attempts to find the ‘right’ place in the house. In the end, I settled on the upstairs landing window, and moved a nearby radiator cover on the opposite wall to the window to act as the shelf. It’s the only bit of clear wall in our house and although it doesn’t get direct light, it’s the brightest window in the house. After I take the pics they are still a bit dull so I adjust the exposure, and a couple of other settings and they give it a bit of lift. I still want to retake some of the cards with a white background (which I’ve made myself ha ha) but just need to find some time for that too!! :smile:

(Heidi Meier) #13

Thanks @stevieafloat - that’s good to hear! I need to step up the marketing now!! :smiley:

(Ronald Koorm) #14

Heidi, this is a very interesting shop, with excellent illustrations.

Shows us up now, in comparison !

Well done !