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Hello! I just set up our Facebook page and we’re a bit lonely over there! Which are your favourite Facebook pages that I should look up and who else is hanging out over there? We’re here ( btw! :wink:

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I’m on Facebook, same name as here. Will go visit you. :slight_smile:

We have recently set up a facebook page which I’ve just started to promote, share and spend more time on.
Any feedback (and likes and shares) would be greatly appreciated! I have liked and visited you both.
@thesoapysnail I’m looking forward to you opening your shop.
@Amberlilly you have some lovely items. Do you know you don’t have your FB page on your Folksy shop? (I hav ealso followed you on twitter!)

It’s slow going for me too…I’m at:

I’ve visited and liked you all!!


Hi @KBCreations I have visited and liked your FB page - just to let you know I don’t think (?) that likes like mine will show up in your like count as it is from my business site. It will show on my business page as pages I like. So it might not be going as slow as you think!

oh,ok. Thank you. I didn’t realise that…so I may have more likes than are showing…
Thank you for liking me!


I’m at :slight_smile:

Lovely stuff, Birdcage! I have liked you


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Make sure you come and like British Crafters
We are reopening on 1st Sept - great place to promote your shop, network and get new likers for your page too!

Dottie x

No I didn’t realise! I never had my info updated, thxs.

[made by moondaisies][1]

Hi, link to my facebook page above, I will visit as many of your pages as I can and like you!
My pleasure :wink:

Visited both soapysnail and silverbells, moondaisies and kb creations.

I’m on Facebook - Thats Sew Chic. I also love Soap & So and Melting Moments. I will pop by as many as I can now to give a like. X

likes from a business page don’t show as a like - likes from personal pages do. you can always like a page with both…


Hi peeps, I’m new on these forums so don’t jniw if I’m doing it right! I’ve got a facebook page too, any feedback and likes would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: love booboo

Thanks @dottiedesigns , I thought I have before but went back and re-liked it :slight_smile:

Thank you @KBCreations!

This is my business page, do have a peep! just going to like yours!
Jeanie x

Forgot to post a link previously x

pop over and say hello to me and I will pop by and say hello to you!


I’m on Facebook I’ll head over to your page and have a look.
Karen x