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Decided to delete my post as nothing worthwhile to add.

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HI Caroline @Caroleecrafts - that looks as though the website isn’t loading properly. Try clearing your history/cookies and try again.

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Definitely working ok on my ancient iPad which is on an ancient iOS! Though some of the category headings run into each other at the top

I write postage fees in my description anyway. Much easier for people I think.

I get that on any site when the site isn’t loading properly. Slow signal perhaps.

I’ve added a note to my FB page to ‘warn’ customers that it looks different…with a link to my shop of course… never miss any opportunity :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Good idea Joy.

Just reopened my E shop, hate doing it but have to do something. At this rate will be all going to the charity shops after Christmas!


I also noticed that the Pinterest & Facebook buttons are gone. Does that mean that we now can’t post from Folksy to Pinterest? The only way is to create a new pin on Pinterest.
With Facebook like button gone is this going to affect our Google rating?


Really don’t like that the options button has gone, and customers now need to add to basket before selecting option. If it’s confusing even for us, potential customers might just go elsewhere!


I posted a “what do you think of the new look” note to trusted customers. All of the feedback has been negative :frowning:

The most common comments were:

  • “Why is all the information hidden now? Can you put it back so I can see it all on one page?”

  • “There are too many clicks to see all the details and I wouldn’t make the effort if I didn’t know you”

  • “Very irritating having to press all the buttons to see the info on my phone. It was much better the way it was before”

  • “It’s a pain to navigate and honestly I wanted to give up”

  • “I’m sorry but it’s awful. Can you change it back?”

One customer made this alarming comment - “It looks like it was designed in the 80s and reminds me of those scam websites selling nonexistent products. It doesn’t look genuine and I wouldn’t buy anything if I saw this website for the first time”

I hope their opinions of this are in the minority :frowning:


@ChrisOsbornJewellery You still get the pin it and tweet it buttons when you list a new item so you can still promote items at that stage. You can also add a pinterest button to your browser tool bar.


I have to agree with you. I don’t understand why the product description is effectively hidden. There’s just too many options for the customer of where to click next and so it makes the shopping experience harder which makes no sense at all. I’ve hardly sold a thing for months and yet try to keep motivated and everyday re-look at tags, pictures, pricing etc. and nothing’s improving. It’s so disheartening to think you’re trying your best and when a potential customer finally clicks on you, they might not be able to easily find the information they’re looking for and not bother. Hopefully I’m proven wrong!


I think it’s nearly there but I don’t think you should have to click on a button to see the description, that should be there straight under the picture. Also as others have said the options i.e. size, colour etc. should be available before the add to basket option.


I generally like the new look, but I do feel that the Shop Announcement as item 1 in the list is not very customer friendly - the most important thing the customer would want to know about would be a description of the item they want to look at. I also feel that the heading of ‘description’ is not very inviting, and reading on from Shop Announcement it could be mistaken for a description of the shop rather than the item. Perhaps: ‘Want to know more?’ or ‘More info!’ I would agree with many comments that the description should be the first thing under the image and that you shouldn’t have to click on something else in order to read it. Customer looks at image, likes it, looks at a description of that image. Thus customer gets the most important info very quickly. But a thank you to Folksy people for reviewing and refreshing things.


I’m not happy that the item description is not immediately visible - I can see most people not reading it at all. I think it would be better if we could see a line or too with ‘more>>>’. At the very least that tab should be named ‘Item Details’ rather than description - description of what?

I’m not sure the ‘Tags,Materials & Colours’ tab is immediately relevant to a buyer - it should perhaps be moved down to be with ‘More items from this category’.

Overall the page looks better on my phone than the old one but I’m disappointed that I get more or less the same new layout on my laptop - loads of white space and lots of scrolling to find any info. There’s a reason I personally do most of my online shopping on a laptop and that’s because everything I need to know is (usually) more easily visibly on the screen.


Friends said the same too many clicks and the feel of the site was old fashioned, not easy to navigate. Whereas before simpler.

This could lose us sales, when things have been tough for almost 2 years.


I’ve just received another two comments from customers - “It looks like a fake website” and “I don’t have the patience to click on lots of buttons to go hunting for the details”.

@folksycontent - did you do any focus group testing on your beta design? Every comment I’ve received from customers has described this change in format as a negative UX.


I agree about your comment on the Tags, Materials & Colours tab @HelenSmith I think the headings are tech/webspeak language not customer language - and I speak as someone who has spent my whole working life as a copywriter, freelance writer and journalist.


I don’t like the fact that the shop announcement is ‘hidden’ at all. I was the loudest shouter for that announcement years ago and envisaged it as an in your face sticky tab on each page with just a brief message" out to lunch, back tomorrow" sort of thing. That is just about all I ever put… to say I’m on holiday come back in a bit as I don’t like the look in those shops with 20 lines of life story announcement which pushes all the pictures off the bottom of the page.
But it needs to be there on the page without having to click it.


Absolutely agree. Looks very odd from a customer point of view.