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Newbie here! What am I doing wrong?! Help!

(Soul Bird Art) #1

I’ve been on here for a couple of months now, and so far only sold very few cards… I’m completely confused by Folksy (Since I am used to selling on Etsy!). Does Folksy have a similar system where you can see what items other people have ‘favourited’? I don’t understand how it is possible to promote your page without this function and spread the word about your products.

My main questionj really is…How can I directly promote my shop here on folksy? I’m finding it hard to think of staying somewhere where no one even looks of favourites my art. Maybe you lovely people could check out my shop and see if I’m going wrong somewhere… I’d be forever grateful!

(Fiona Thomson) #2

hello @SoulBirdArt ,
just had a quick peek, and the things that jump out to me immediately would be, to put some blurb in your folksy profile. i always (rightly or wrongly) think: if they can’t be bothered to set up their shop, what if they don’t bother with the other stuff…

am i right that you sell the cards in folksy and your larger prints on the other side? most of your facebook links direct people to the other site, so maybe it’s worth putting a mix of stock on here so you send some traffic this way.

sorry - i haven’t really answered your questions, but my brain is in sunday mode

(Terri Rose) #3

Hi I’ve only been open about a week and so far I’ve been promoting via pinning on pin interest, tweeting and using # to connect where people who might be interested will see and on facebook where this morn I just set up a page and am hoping to get alot of likes! I’ve been leaving my links and pics in all these places and it’s taken up some time which has resulted in views of my folksy shop but I have been told this site involves hardcore promoting
Terri :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

You can see if you’re items have been loved there is a heart icon for each item.

You need to promote constantly outside Folky in as many venues as you can think of.

I use twitter, facebook, pinterst, craftjuic, wanelo, stumbleupon, google+ I’m now looking at I heartit

Also you can join in the promotion threads in the Showcase part of the forum where we help by promoting each other.

(Soul Bird Art) #5

The good ol’ Social networks! Well I shall promote more hardcore from now on! May be I have been neglecting it… I wish you all the best in your ventures on Folsky, and I shall find you on facebook! xx

(Soul Bird Art) #6

Hello @fionaT! Thank you for your response and great feedback… I shall get onto doing that profile! You’re quite right, it makes a good impression, plus buyers get to knwo who you are. Thank you for pointing this out lovely :slight_smile: It’s true I have been directing people to etsy because most of my prints and original artwork are there and occasionally I have listed something from folksy, so I guess I must get the balance right there if I want Folksy to work for me! x

(Soul Bird Art) #7

Hi @EileensCraftStudio! Thank you for your response, I must use those social outlets you listed… must admit I haven’t heard of some of those so I shall go check’em out now! Much love xx

(Lynne Morison) #8

Hi. There is also Craftori which is free to advertise on, so that might be worth giving it a go. You do have to fill in details though, so it’s not as quick as Pinterest. Here’s the link for those interested… There is the paid option & free option - so I think you can guess which one I go for. Good luck :smile:

(Jo Sara) #9

I’d seen the name of Craftori around a bit but I’d never had a look to see what it was. Just stuck my first item on it, so thanks for mentioning it :smile:


Edit. Saying that, I’m having trouble loading my first listing it’s just sitting there ‘loading’. Oh well, maybe I’ll try again later.

(Lynne Morison) #10

Hi Jo. You’re welcome. If it’s free I always think it’s worth giving it a go. Sometimes I have found it a bit slow, but usually it’s OK. Trouble is with all the different sites & social media, it can get very time consuming can’t it? I must admit I’m hopeless keeping FB & Twitter updated. We could do with everything working on the same principle as Pinterest, it would be much quicker

Hope you get it up & going in a little while. Good Luck :smile:


(Jo Sara) #11

All sorted, thanks Lynne. I just left it saying loading and eventually it accepted it. The beauty of that site seems to be that you don’t really have to keep it that updated. I’ve got a link that’s going to sit there and work as a backlink, and maybe as an internet search result too. Not like Twitter and Facebook where you need to be in front of people all the time. I’ll keep an eye to see if I get it appearing in my analytics results.


(Craftori) #12

@JoSara Having at least 12 items on the site is good for more traffic from our shoppers. We get a lot of searches from google so it’s definitely worth uploading. :slight_smile:

(Jo Sara) #13

Ok, thanks for that. I’ll get a few more items popped on when I get a mo. Google searches is probably where I’ve seen your name before, so it obviously does work :smile: