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I am new here, any shop advice would be greatly appreciated!

(Crystalphace Crafts) #1

I have an Etsy store, but wanted to venture out a little.

Do Folksy work with SEO and tags?

Am I allowed to Link Etsy on Folksy too?

How do I bring views to my shop?

Any advice would be so great!

Thank you in Advance!


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hi and welcome to Folksy!
I can only help with some questions as I don’t sell here myself but I know that SEO is very important here. You definitely can’t link to Etsy on Folksy, it’s understandable that they don’t want you to link to rival sites on here!
You get views to your shop by lots of promotion, anywhere you can think of. Why not join in some of the listing and promotional threads on here, it will get you started. Good luck!

(Christine Shephard) #3

Welcome to Folksy, Amy - you do need to be a bit discrete when mentioning etsy on here, they are a competitor and it really isn’t good form to discuss them too much. So, definitely a ‘no’ to any links on here to etsy or any other selling site. Folksy don’t use tags, but your titles and descriptions should contain key words for SEO. Getting views is always hard - most people use facebook, twitter, craftjuice, pinterest and other social networking, plus of course business cards, and word-of-mouth to get people to their shops.

Good luck, hope you do well :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Hello and welcome :smiley:

Just found your post

As mentioned getting your titles and descriptions are extremely importanted. Think what would a buyer type into a search bar to find my item.

Promoting is paramount. As said use all the social media venue’s you can think of.

We have the buttons for facebook, stumble upon and pintest and twitter on every listing we make so I’d start there first.

I would also suggest Craftjuice, google+, wanelo, and instergram

There is a section in this forum bit called showcase.

Now that’s also very useful for promoting as well. As we Do not have Teams like on the Etsy site. Showcase is our bit were we help by promoting each other.

Bascially anyone can use any of the daily or weekly promotional threads, the craftjuice, etc you just read the first post to see how it works. If you get confused just ask on the thread and someone will help you.

Bascially on these type of threads you agree to promote the persons item above you on whatever form of social media you want. In return they’ll do the same for you. This way we enlarge our promotional outreach.

I hope some of this helps and please if you’d like more help just ask as we are very friendly we won’t bite. We’ll help were we can and if we can’t there’s the ability to email the lovely admin team who are brilliant.

(Wanderings) #5

Never heard of Craftjuice but will definitely check it out- thanks for the great tips :slight_smile: Just joined today, fingers crossed!