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New items not updating

(Doug Livesey) #21

Hello – yes, I’ve been tracking it and I think I’m going to have to write a script to monitor and restart the process that handles adding new items to the search index.
I’ll get something quickly in place this weekend and then get a more permanent solution in place during the week.
And again – thank you so much for your patience whilst I get this sorted!

(Angela R Connah) #23

Good morning @dougfolksy I’m assuming that this fix is still ongoing?

I re-listed some items this morning but they are not showing up in ‘newest items listed on Folksy’ or any of the relevant categories.

This was one of the items re-listed…

(Claire Mort) #24

thanks for that, I wondered why my work wasn’t on there either x

(Doug Livesey) #25

Sorry about that – I bumped the messaging service around 7am so would have expected it to behave for a good while. I’ve just bumped it again.
I can confirm that the item you’ve shown me didn’t update in the search index.
Could I ask you to relist it again and let me know what happens here?
And my apologies again for this issue – I am indeed looking into it and have an interim fix that I’d hoped was taking care of the issue. It definitely seems to be occurring less, or is that wishful thinking of mine on behalf of my interim fix?

(Angela R Connah) #26

Thanks @dougfolksy
I can’t re-list the item again as it thinks it’s already been re-listed once today. I could copy it…would that help?

(Claire Mort) #27

Has the issue been fixed as my item did not show either

(Doug Livesey) #28

Ah, of course, I forgot about that!
I can see the index items messages being processed in the queue so I know it’s working for now.
I’ve also just launched a pretty long-running task that should catch any items that weren’t added to the index this morning.
Thanks again for the headsup on these occurrences!

(Doug Livesey) #29

Just to let you know that the long-running indexing task completed and any items that weren’t updated this morning should be.
And I’ll continue to investigate a better long-term fix for the issue.
In the meantime, thanks very much again for shouting out when you spot things like this!

(Marg) #30

I think there may still be a problem with re-listing. I’ve relisted 2 items this morning, my account has been charged, but the said items are still down on page 6, I would have thought they would be on page 1, at least for a short time. I don’t have a plus account yet because I only have a few items in my shop, but I didn’t think it made a difference to where your items appeared.

(Marg) #31

Problem sorted, thanks Folksy for your very prompt attention as usual.

(Sarah Eves) #32

No, stuck again!
The newest items section of the front page has remained the same for at least the last hour.

(Christine Shephard) #33

@dougfolksy - looks like it’s stuck again!

(Thecraftycurioshop) #34

@dougfolksy seems to be stuck again!

(Christine Shephard) #35

Either nobody’s listing anything new, or this has failed yet again. It seems to be happening every morning now…

(Angela R Connah) #36

@dougfolksy this seems to be stuck again!

(Angela R Connah) #37

@dougfolksy This is stuck again. I re-listed some sold items this morning but they’re not showing up. This problem seems to reoccur on a daily basis at the moment…