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New or same shop?

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

Ive tried seperate shops and intermingled shops. I sell crafts, prints, jewellery, sewn items, soldered items etc. I started with 4 seperate shops, sales were good but then dwindled and reduced to 2 mixed shops, sales are non existant.
Im now going back to my crafty roots and Id like to make clothes. I currently have a craft shop with a few sewn items like cushion in it, and I have another shop just for jewellery.
So my question is, do I add my clothes/skirts to a new shop or add it to an already existing shop? If so, which one. Maybe the jewellery shop so people could get jewellery to go with the clothes? What do you think? Yay or nay.

(Julie) #2

Definitely the clothing in with the jewellery - then you could actually use both together in your photos and create an upsell opportunity.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

I’m with Julie - put the clothes in the jewellery shop, style the clothes with the jewellery in the photos and offer to make pieces to match (jewellery to match clothes or clothes to match jewellery).

(Grimm Exhibition) #4

Thanks for the feedback, Id better get on with finsihing what Ive made, the skirts just hanging up with a frayed bottom (oo-er)

(Julie) #5

Yes, yes, get ON with it girl - you know we are all dying to see what you’ve made!

(Diane Burton) #6

My first thought was put all your fabric creations in the same shop, but I do like the idea of clothes with jewellery so I’m not much use at all :slight_smile: but yes you really should get on with finishing them before you lose the enthusiasm :slight_smile: (although I can’t criticise my enthusiasm seems to have done a bunk!)

(Grimm Exhibition) #7

Thanks for the kick up the derrier. I was surprised I cut out all the pieces

in one go so that pretty good for me.
Sorry I thought Id platered the whole internet with pics of what Ive made, but here is my flamingo skirt so far.

A pal has asked me to make him a shirt in the same material but I had to say no as my skills dont stretch that far.

(Sasha Garrett) #8

Are you sure your skills don’t stretch to making shirts? Just think about how much of an awesome advert that would be for your skills.

(Marg) #9

Years (and years) ago I made a suit for myself. I am good at cutting patterns out, and sewing but the jacket with interlining and lining was a challenge. I followed the pattern instructions to the word and hey presto I had a lovely trouser suit, except I did the trousers wrong somehow they managed to be back to front. But I wore the jacket for many years. Buy some cheap cotton fabric and try the shirt, nothing ventured etc. I love the Flamingo skirt, the colours are superb. Marg.

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

Thanks for your positivity. But Im more than sure the stress of making a shirt will outweigh the joy of it.

Today the sun is out and Im cutting out dress pieces to the beautiful tones of Simply Red. Ahhh, the power of the Hucknall.

Also Im about to hopefully 99% finish the flamingo skirt.

(Julie) #11

Totally in love with the flamingo skirt - I love colourful prints!

As for shirts, way back I used to make them for my husband, but they are so time consuming to do all the enclosed seams correctly etc. Still, at least they lasted him for years - I even shortened the sleeves once he wore through the elbows.

I’d hazard a guess that the flamingo fabric, if weighty enough for a skirt, might be too heavy for a shirt? I used to invest in a Swiss cotton which was wonderfully fine and a dream both for me to work with and him to wear - but you’d certainly want to be confident before going for that. Maybe give it a go with a lightweight poly/cotton for starters - I hope you decide to try it. :smile:


(Grimm Exhibition) #12

I listed my skirt in my jewellery shop.

(Sasha Garrett) #13

Looking good. Are you going to let the folksy bods know about it to see if they will stick it in one of the gift guides? (there is one called beautiful birds and it would definately fit in and make a change from all of the bird pictures)

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

Didnt know that was possible, how do I do that?

(Sasha Garrett) #15

last time I wanted to bring something to their attention I just included Camilla in the forum thread but I’ve heard of people tweeting about stuff and hashtagging folksy in on the action. There is also the good old email them the link to the page and ask nicely for them to include it in a gift guide.