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Should I start a separate shop?

(Birdandmonkey) #1

Hi, I’ve not been on the forum for a while I’ve been busy creating some new pieces. My question is, my current shop is based on my business making jewellery from children’s drawings, should I start a new shop for my other jewellery range (kinetic jewellery and nature inspired pieces) or should I keep all my ranges together in one shop?? Help I can’t decide!!
Thank you in advance

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(Helen Smith) #2

More than one shop is a lot of work duplicated… I would say that it is all still jewellery so keep the different ranges in a single shop and make use of the collections. You can always separate it out later if you feel the need to.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

I have 2 shops (3 actually, but 1 I’ve never stocked) I think if you’re doing something completely different then maybe it’s good to have two, but then you have to consider if you will want the Plus account, as it would save you money just to have one shop if so.

I think with jewellery I’d agree with Helen and say use the collections.

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(Ali Joyce) #4

Hi I’d be inclined to have one shop (your’s is already lovely by the way) and sub-divide using collections. Ali

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(Helen Healey) #5

Like many of the above, I think keeping one shop and using the collections would be the way to go. Your shop is lovely. I’ve just favourited your tiny little sheep - sooooo cute!

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(Jacqueline Austen) #6

I have two shops, but to be honest, I now only use the one and make use of the categories for different ranges. I thought it was a bit mad to pay two lots of plus listings!

The best of luck with what ever you decide to do - off to have a look at your shop.

Jacqueline x

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(Annmarie Ison) #7

I think if it is still jewellery then it seems a real effort wasted setting up a new shop. It will work by categorising the jewellery. I sell different kinds of art and categorising works well for that. Lovely jewellery by the way.

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(Birdandmonkey) #8

thank you so much for your advice. im going to stick with the one shop as I think Birdandmonkey is a strong brand name.

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