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New product feedback

(FancyPantsCraftsGifts) #1

Hi everyone,
I have a new product that I’ve worked on for a while but I am unsure either it’s a product that will sell, and wither it’s worth my while. I am also wondering if I am selling it correctly ie, to order and at the right price.
I am still quite new to selling on folksy and want to keep selling past Xmas and into the future.
Here it is and if any of you have time to give me some advice and feedback that would be amazing.

(Brenda Cumming) #2

Hi Suzanne…that is beautifully made. I don’t have any little ones, so I am not sure how well they would sell…I personally think it would be better without the Unicorn’s horn as that limits it to either parties or playing…if it was just the flowers it would be suitable for a lot more occasions…just a thought.

(FancyPantsCraftsGifts) #3

Thanks @teabreaks I will take that suggestion on I will make another one without and give the option. My 9 yr old loves it and we have now made a couple for her friends for birthdays. Thank you for replying and your feedback x

(MadeintheTemple) #4

I love it unicorns are still on trend and it is gorgeous and a great price . Having an option of one without the horn is a great idea. Good luck with your Folksy shop.

(FancyPantsCraftsGifts) #5

Thank you @MadeintheTemple.

(FancyPantsCraftsGifts) #6

I have reduced my price and added some variations think I’m happier but as crafters are we ever happy xx