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(Nicola Read) #1

Hi all -

I’ve just set up a new shop on Folksy, called Issy & Pearl. I design and craft mainly bridal tiaras, but also make jewellery, commission based at this stage. I am a self taught designer and crafter, and have just returned back to making after a break to have my family.

Did you find it difficult initially getting noticed online and any advice for using facebook as a means of getting word out?

Thanks, Nicola

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #2

Hello Nicola
Welcome to folksy.
You have beautiful tiaras. the only advice I can give you is promote every were.
I’m on pinterest and juicecraft and I do stalls. Iv not sold Alot yet but I’m still fairly new myself.

I don’t have Facebook so sorry can’t help there but I’m sure someone else will help with that.

I. Would try going to a wedding fair as your tiaras are lovel… that way ppl get to have a look and you can give out business cards

Hope any of that helps. Iv liked your shop too.Xxx hobbit xx

(Thats Sew Chic) #3

Hi! I find it really hard to get noticed online. I have a basic account and I feel I would probably get noticed more if I upgraded to a plus account, but on the other hand I’m not sure I’m ready to take that risk. I could do with adding a lot more items to my shop, that may help. I popped by your shop, your tiaras are lovely. A plus account could benefit you as your items are of a higher value. x

(Take2 Bottles) #4

Welcome to Folksy, wishing you lots of success x

(Nicola Read) #5

Hi there!

Thanks so much for your reply. Lovely hearing from a fellow newbie too! So much to consider really, for getting word out, and that is sometimes most of the battle!

I’ve had a look at your shop too. Lovely things. I hope get some good business.

Take care, Nicola

(Nicola Read) #6

Hi there! that’s for your post. You’re shop is great! I love the idea, so different. All the best x

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Welcome to Folksy.
Jewellery here on Folksy is quite a competitive field - a quick search turned up 160 pearl tiaras here so you will need to do something special to stand out if you just want passing trade and a lot of promoting if you want to build a brand. You’ve started well by having very good photos, if you could get shots of the tiaras on that would be a bonus. I’ve been selling (or should that be attempting to sell) jewellery here for almost 2 years and have sold 23 items, I sell far more items at craft fairs, so yes it is very difficult to get noticed online. Getting into the wedding gift guides here would be a good start. Given the higher price point and more specialised nature of your tiaras I would strongly recommend trying wedding fairs or approaching local bridal shops, they are not something people are going to buy on a whim or as a present for someone so you are going to have to target the right market. Whether Facebook is going to reach that market I don’t know (but I doubt it), they changed the rules recently regarding promoting via facebook as they felt they were loosing out on revenue as people weren’t paying for adverts, but since you can get a free facebook page you might as well do it.
The plus account (of which I have one) is only worth having (from a financial point of view) if you have lots of listings as far as I can tell. Folksy have always stressed that it doesn’t get you preferential treatment with respect to getting into gift guides or being featured on the front page (good photography really helps there). Whether customers view a plus shop differently to a normal one I don’t know.
Gosh that sounds like I’m on a bit of a downer.
Good luck and remember to enjoy it.

(Nicola Read) #8

Hi there! Thanks for your response.

I love what you make, so pretty. I had a look at your shop. Love your shop name - very apt!

You would think that the web is the answer to getting noticed, but finding that key to getting the right customers takes time and patience I guess - and an awful lot of hard work.

Take care Nicola

(Karen Ellam) #9

Welcome Nicola.

Your tiaras are lovely. Such a lot of detail :smiley:

Selling online is the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do. I really admire those who have cracked it and have return custom and a fantastic bustling shop.

I would love to know the secret formula for selling more. For now I love what I make and promote, promote and promote abit more :wink:

I wish you all the very best with your new venture :blush:


(Leslie Morton) #10

Hi Nicola and welcome to Folksy. I moved over here last summer from Etsy and at first found it hard going - it is such a different kettle of fish - SEO here is very different. Lately I’ve started to see things picking up for me and much of it is, I believe, that my tags are being found by Google which this month has translated into sales. I have found the plus account a deal and it has paid for itself very quickly.

The other shopkeepers have given you some good advice, I think. Promote on social media - join groups that sell in your category but not necessarily direct competitors, list as much as you can and employ excellent customer service. You will get there but it will probably take time. Good luck and good sales!

(Jshandmadedesigns) #11

Hello I am a new seller on folsky, l make personalised cards for all occasions. I have been making cards for about 3 years, selling on my facebook page and Etsy, and also just recently joined Twitter, but to be honest not sure how what l am doing with that platform.
I work part time in my local hospital, and just love making and designing my cards, would really love you all to pop over and tell me what you think, l need lots of work with my new light box, but l will get there, and if you want to pop over to say hi on my twitter @jscarddesigns.

(Nicola Read) #12

Hi Karen -

Took a peek at your website too. They are gorgeous! Love all your vibrant colours. Just what is needed on these grey cloudy days.

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Crafting is a labour of love - ultimately always worth it in the end, especially when you see the final product. I used to sell jewellery I had made online years ago, before I had a family and knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but lovely to hear from fellow crafts people and know we are all in it together!

Kind regards, Nicola

(Nicola Read) #13

Hi there - I’m new too. In fact I only opened my Folksy shop a few days ago. Lovely chatting to everyone here on the forum.

I looked on your shop and I adore your cards - I especially like the new baby cards. Did you do the knitting too? I wish you loads of luck. I will try to find you on facebook and connect up. Take care, Nicola x

(Nicola Read) #14

Hi Leslie - thanks so much for your advice. Your shop is great. Take care, Nicola

(Nicola Read) #15

Hi Sasha. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I totally know what you mean, and am only just setting up, so am gaining momentum slowly. I used to sell jewellery a few years ago, before I had my family, so have been a little out of the loop for a while, but now that the internet has so much more going on, it will either work online, or be so diluted that it will be a struggle. A bridal fair is certainly a thought I have had myself, but I am planning on that for potentially next year. Shops are indeed another outlet that I have been considering over the past few weeks. All good fun and worth it whichever way you look at it. Take care, Nicola

(Amberlilly) #16

Hi Nicola and welcome. Best of luck with your shop. Even tho I haven’t sold much, I feel very chuffed that someone has purchased from me. I think if you can get found, you are half way there.:grin:

(Jshandmadedesigns) #17

Yes l do the knitting myself,thanks for paying me a visit best of luck