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New shop - please critique

(lauren) #1

Hi guys,

I am very new here, it’s great to join such a huge team of talented crafters!
I have just opened my shop 2 days ago and have only listed 6 items so far.
Are any experienced sellers available to critique my photos and listings before I take the time to list more. It would be much appreciated, thank you in advance. x

(Linda Wild) #2

Hi Lauren, welcome to Folksy. Your jewellery looks lovely, but I think your photos could be better. They are a bit too dark, also try and use all 5 photo slots. Your postage seems a little high, if this is because your items are sent by First class signed for, then I think you should mention it as not everyone is at home to receive and sign for their mail. If it’s because the items come in fancy boxes then again mention it but add a little to the price and reduce the postage ( just my opinion). Also fill out your ‘meet the maker’ section, as people like to know a little bit about the seller.

Good luck!


(lauren) #3

Thank you Linda, I will really work on my photos this coming week. The postage is signed for recorded delivery, apparently Royal mail do not insure packages containing jewellery unless you use next day signed for delivery. Where do I fill out the meet your maker section?? x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Hello and welcome, lovely items.

First things I noticed are your titles. They need a wee bit of work. Think what words will someone put into a search bar if they were looking for a bracelet. The first thing would be bracelet. So try to get bracelet at the beginning of your title.

Your descriptions require punctuation, need a lot of work. There are no full stops. Some of the sentence structure requires attention. Try using a grammar checker.

All the best

(lauren) #5

Thank you Eileen xx

(Linda Wild) #6

Hi Lauren, the ‘meet the maker’ section is your profile. Go to your shop dashboard and on the left are various headings, under ‘Your profile’ there is a sub section called profile settings, click on this then you can fill out your biography. :slight_smile:


(lauren) #7

thank you xx

(Margaret Jackson) #8

Hi Lauren, your jewellery is gorgeous! The high postage would put me off buying though, as a buyer I’m not a fan of paying extra for recorded delivery, there is no benefit to me. I was a bit surprised to find you sell jewellery, with your shop name being ArtsUnreal I was expecting art! :smile:

Good luck!

(lauren) #10

Thank you for your advice Margaret I will definitely reduce the postage cost. As for the shop name it is an anagram of Laurens art and I do plan to my artwork shortly. xx sunshine to you xx

(Deborah Jones) #11

Hi Lauren Royal mail will only insure jewellery if you use Special Delivery not recorded delivery , this costs £6.40 for the minimum weight and insurance value.
Recorded is the same as first class with a signature.

Your jewellery looks lovely - look forward to seeing more.

(Margaret Jackson) #12

I look forward to seeing your artwork. Have you seen the Monthly Art Chat Thread on these forums? I’m an amateur artist and an avid art collector and spend a lot of time chatting to some of the Folksy artists there. You’d be very welcome to join us :smile:

(lauren) #13

Thank you Deborah xx

(lauren) #14

Hi Margaret, I am new to everything so have only seen the forum home page, do you have a link to the Art Chat? it sounds very interesting xx

(Margaret Jackson) #15

Here’s the link to this month’s thread, but bear in mind a new thread will be started in October!

We chat about all kinds of things as well as art, but we always welcome new artists to join us :smile: