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New shop, any advice for new starters

(Lucy Antwis) #1


I’m new here, any advice to get going on here? it seems a bit of a minefield and could do with some friendly advice.

Many Thanks


(Margaret Jackson) #2

My first bit of friendly advice would be to remove the link to your Etsy shop! Links to other selling platforms are frowned upon in the Folksy forum. Being new here I know you wouldn’t know that :slight_smile:

(Lucy Antwis) #3

Many thanks Louisa, have done that, whoops : )

(Christine Shephard) #5

Hi Lucy, you might want to review your postage. The ‘additional’ amount is added to the standard postage when more than one item is purchased and would usually be a smaller amount (the highest standard postage cost is taken first, with other items taking the additional postage amounts). Your ‘additional’ costs are higher than the standard postage amounts, which doesn’t look right.

(Sally Eira) #6

hi lucy,

having just had a a look at your shop ( which is lovely) i would suggest adding more in the description of each item. This is not only so the customer has more information about each product, but also for SEO. Adding details to your description improves your ranking in search engines etc. (we have been advised to make sure these descriptions are all different not just copy and pasted)

Also - your additional P&P charges should be lower.

Another thing which may really help you is to look at the Folksy blog. These articles may be of use:

i hope this helps and best of luck with your shop.

oh - and why not come to #folksyhour tonight on twitter 8-9pm - a great way to learn about Folksy and get lots of advice.

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(BeePrints ) #7

Hi everyone,

I’m new and am learning how to use the site, I think I have a lot to learn. Some good advice on here for newcomers! I have neglected my shop for sometime, mainly due to lack of time and other work, but I now want to develop it. I would love some friendly advice or tips. I am really struggling to get good photos of my work. The light levels in my flat are terrible!!! I have tried my camera on all the settings but my photos don’t do my work justice which is a bit disappointing. Any tips?

Many thanks