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Hi Im new here

(Debbie ) #1

Hi im new opened up my shop last week as i have had enough of ebay and trying to get traffic to my website what advice and tips can anyone give me for on here thanks

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

Hello and a big welcome to you

lovely brooches and great you are using more than one photo for each and are showing the backside of the brooch.

I would say you need to work a wee bit on the descriptions as they are a wee bit hard to read. Try using sentences with full stops and capital letters a the start of the next sentence. I would suggest using a grammar checker.

I tend to type my descriptions up and a word document and use the grammar and spell checker I find it helps a lot but of course doesn’t manage to grab all my errors.

I’d try to alter your descriptions a wee bit so they are not simply a copy and paste of each other with the only the odd colour difference as google search doesn’t like things that are the same as they see it a spamming and push your items further down in a google search.

To work well on folky you’ll need to drive traffic towards your shop.

I would suggest using as many different social media sites as possible such as

some like instagram and flickr

I’d make sure you have some flyers or business cards to hand out.

Joining in on the promoting threads in the showcase part of the forum is also very useful.

We have threads where we promote each other’s items so as to help each other gain more exposer and hopefully customers.

I hope some of the helps and all the best with your lovely brooches

(Sally Eira) #4

Hi there, #Folksyhour on twitter every tuesday 8-9pm is great - you can meet and chat to other sellers on folksy and get great advice - such as pricing items and p&p. They also have special guests who are experts in their fields. it’s an interesting & friendly hour.

(Leathermeister) #5

Hi and welcome to both Debbie @Keeplits and Steve @stevieafloat
Steve your post made interesting reading pity you were treated so badly on that other site. Its always good to have new sellers because you can be new buyers and bring your following too, the more people that know about Folksy the better it is for everyone. Wishing you both success with your shops. Hazel

(Debbie ) #6

Hi and thanks for the advice I will put it all to use :slight_smile:feel I have a lot to learn