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New Shop: Any Feedback?


I’ve just started my new shop on Folksy, any feedback would be much appreciated!

Here’s the link:

Thank you!


Beautiful Shop Claire, and really lovely photos.
Are you on Social Media at all - Facebook; Instagram; Twitter or Pinterest? That would help you connect with other sellers. I find it invaluable; especially Instagram, and Pinterest. You can find the details under Shop appearance, and type your links under “Social”.

I also find that writing about yourself, and how your journey first started helpful too. You can find that under “Shop Settings”, with the sub category “About”.

Good luck Claire. I have already liked your Shop.

SallyAnn xxx

Hi SallyAnn,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s all really helpful. Linking my social media and setting up accounts for my jewellery is my next plan, like you say I think it will be very useful.

Thank you for the like!


Lovely shop and nice photos! Good luck,

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