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New Statistics

I can’t seem to get into the new statistics - my computer is up to date with browsers etc. Anyone got any suggestions?

Email with the details, it might be they were tweeking something else and its broken some of the stats but they haven’t realised it yet.

Thanks for that - I’ll give it a go

With regard to New Statistics. It informs me that I have a huge amount of Impressions, which I understand to be when your items appear in gift guides, but I never see any evidence of being included. I look daily, but never see my work come up, even in printmaking specific guides, and guides that I know are relevant. I’m confused…

@DebbieTodd impressions are when people see your work in search results and when browsing categories (including ‘just listed’) as well as when browsing gift guides. If your work has been featured in a gift guide it would show up in ‘shop activity’ on your dashboard.

Thank you Sasha for your response to my query.