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Stats not updating?

Today and yesterday I’ve noticed that my stats are zero for the last 24 hours. Not just views and favourites, but impressions and whatever the other one is as well. Four large zeros when I click the “last 24 hours” button!
I’m guessing that this isn’t the actual situation, but as I’m about to renew my plus account, it’s a little disconcerting to say the least.
Can anyone throw any light on this phenomenon?

Mine seems to be ok. I’m showing impressions, views and favourites for the last 24 hours.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful…

I’ve just been and had a look at a couple of your items so you know for definate that you should have a couple of views registering on your stats when you look tomorrow, if not the email support and they can put Doug on it.

Thank you @SashaGarrett and @KBCreations. Strangely, today I have views showing (and impressions back to a number in the hundreds). Which is probably a good thing, as I was wondering whether it was an over-enthusiastic response from my anti-virus! Last time I had something similar, it took me a while to figure out how to allow Etsy to communicate my promoted listing info to me, so I’m kind of relieved to see that it seems to have disappeared.