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Do you get excited

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

when the courier delivery huge rolls of fabric?

I’ve just had a big order from one of the lovely ladies at the car club for cushions for her nursing chair and bunting for her babies room and she’s had the supplier send the most wonderful materials straight to me.

I sent her photos to show I have her materials just awaiting the zips, sewing cottons and cushion pads.

I’m so excited can’t wait to get started on the project even though I don’t have to deliver it until our club reunion at the end of july.

Is it just me who gets all excited?

(Stephanie Guy) #2

I get very excited when I have new paint colours to play with, I’m like a kid at Christmas :smile:

Can you share photos of your fabric here?

(Qteacup) #3

Ooh, I get excited by fabric, although I only buy small amounts here and there, and also buttons, ribbon etc. are exciting too.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I’ll just take some another photo with the camera and post a photo in a minute

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Hope this works a photo of the 3 fabrics

(Stephanie Guy) #6

They’re lovely! I especially like the one with the birds. I’ve got some of that blue one I think.

(Sasha Garrett) #7

If I ever recieved them I too would probably get over excited by deliveries of fabric. Did you know what fabric was coming in advance or was it a surprise? Deliveries of silver and gold bring out the Smaug in me whilst parcels of beads and rocks get lovingly stroked and pondered over. I have been known to wonder the house with some items inspecting them in different lights, sad or what.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

No not sad I do the same with supplies as well.

I had no idea what the fabrics would be before they arrived but they are lovely. Loose weave thicker cotton weight so will be great for the cushions, bunting and the message board my customer is going to try to make. Plus the bag I’m going to make from the offcuts for her.

(sejleather) #9

I get excited too when my craft supplies arrive, I think its normal ! :smile:

(Helen Smith) #10

Ooh yes, a box of shiny coloured glass has me ripping the packaging straight off!

(PoisonedAppleJewellery) #11

I recently got the funds to buy some new supplies, its like Christmas when they are delivered. That feeling of excitement never dulls.

(Jan Ryan) #12

I love getting new canvases, paints and brushes, I think we crafters are all the same when it comes to supplies. The fabrics are lovely. When I’m working with fabrics I always get nervous when cutting things out… measure twice cut once as my old dad used to say (although in my case it’s measure at least 4 times :wink: ) I hope you will be able to show us the finished items :slight_smile:

(Sue Mellem) #13

I love getting new beads and playing with them.
Wonderful to see how they look with other beads and thinking of the possibilities of what I can make with them.

As for going to a Bead Fair… I get so excited I can hardly sleep. It’s like having several Christmases rolled into one!

(Roz) #14

Oh definitely the same with wool (and everything else). Even when I know exactly what it’s going to be :smiley: I have an order ongoing at the moment with a few extra bits that I’ve not ordered before…can’t wait. I would love to take a trip up to the factory shop but it’s a 2 hour drive and I would spend way too much money!

(Sasha Garrett) #15

My other half has started noticing that our holidays (normally organised by me) have started being to gem producing countries and that there is often a trip to a stone cutting factory or bead shop built in to the itinerary. I’m not going to say that the only reason we went to New Zealand (24 hours of flights each way) was so that I could get some Pounamu but some certainly came back in the suitcase! Currently looking into where to get spectrolite in Finland then I’ll figure out how to sell the trip to the other half.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #16

oh gosh so many items arrived again today cushion pads, zips, olive green bias binding all for my customers project.

Also my quilting triangles arrived can’t wait to use everything.

(Kim Blythe) #17

Yes, me too. I love deliveries of fabric, buttons, threads…all sorts. If the fabric is really nice it usually sits in my stash for a while to be looked at lovingly until I can summon the courage to cut it!


(Sarah Stevenson) #18

I get too excited! I’m awaiting a delivery tomorrow which will contain some findings for my jewellery projects. When I unpack an order, I can sit for hours going over each item, handling it, admiring it etc etc. It can turn to procrastination though! But excitement is what this is all about - doing what we love!

(Sarah Stevenson) #19

Yes Sasha Garrett, I’m with you there!

(Amberlilly) #20

I do when my beads arrive, but, not ordered any for ages as I’m not selling, but yes, I do love receiving craft things.x