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New to Folksy, any pointers?

Hi. I’m new to Folksy and have just added my first item to my new shop. Would you mind taking a look and giving me some pointers?

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Welcome to Folksy :blush:

Your card holders are lovely. I’ve just liked your item and I will pop it onto Twitter in a min :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to fill in your ‘About You’ page and add a photo.

All the best with your shop

Karen x

Hi! Welcome to folksy, as above, make sure you fill in everything. And remember to network to get your items seen.Good luck xx

Hi Hayley,

Agreeing with Karen and Angela and yes social media is the key to getting all your hard work out there. Love your card holders, also found you on twitter, good luck, :slight_smile:

Tina :slight_smile:

Get promoting! Drive customers to Folksy and you should start to see results. Followed you on Twitter!

Wow thank you so much! I have lots more to list yet and will definitely get
working on my about section too. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

Looks good.
Can I suggest you include a close up photo of what you’re selling without the other ‘lifestyle’ pieces. I know it seems obvious but you’ll me amazed at how many people aren’t 100% sure what it is you’re selling/what it includes. A close up is always good anyway just to more closely check it out as you can’t physically pick it up.

Careful with the custom made part as well. I may be wrong, (and I’m happy to be) but I think it’s only if the item is personalised/jewellery that goes through a piercing for example that can’t be returned unless faulty. If the item isn’t personalised it can technically be resold by you so they should be able to return within so many days with it being distance selling. (Like I say- happy to be wrong) I just see a lot of people put ‘custom made so can’t return unless faulty’ when I’m pretty sure that’s not strictly true.

Good luck with it all!! And yes- as people have said- social media is key here- like it or loathe it! Haha

Thank you. I’ve changed the custom bit and will add a picture of it on its own asap

I’d recommend having a photo of all the colour options - one woman’s dusky pink is another’s rose pink - that way people know what to expect and you are less likely to have people come back to you and go ‘it was the wrong shade of… can I return them’. With respect to the custom order vs made to order - if someone asked you to source an unusual colour way (ie not part of the standard range) then that (probably) could be called a custom order (and whether you accept returns of it would depend on how likely you think it is to sell). If you are happy to do that sort of thing then it might be worth putting abit in the listing saying that if people’s colour isn’t there then they should contact you to discuss custom work.
Good luck.

Thank you Sasha I will take that on board

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