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Newbie needs guidance with EVERYTHING!

Hello Folks!

My name is Tazdevilia and I have recently figured out that I need to start selling some of the pieces of jewellery that I make, for my own fun.

My supplies are running low and I need some income to replenish my stocks! I hate to part with anything I’ve made but hope, pray and wish that they will go to a good, equally as loving home. I feel like I’ve lost something really important when I part with any of my pieces, even the gift ones.

Silver crafting for me has always been a passion, but from the outside looking in, its just a hobby and something I do to make jewellery that I want and like, but cant get it in the shops.

I tend to make for friends and family as gifts, but I now need to share my jewellery with others as silver is too expensive to make then keep in a case for years!

I opened an Etsy and Folksy shop and I have recently started a business page on Facebook. I seem to be spending more time on my laptop and phone, than in my workshop these days!

I desperately need some friends with the same passion, please contact me.

Much loves and merry Christmas,

Tazdevilia xxx

Welcome Tazdevilia!
You’re in the right place, we all share your passion. There’s lots of great people on here and they’re always ready to help or chat.
And Merry Christmas to you too :evergreen_tree:

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Love the sterling silver in your shop too! x

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welcome to Folksy…everyone here is very kind and helpful and if you have any problems, there is always someone here to help.
Good luck with your shop.

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hello and welcome :smile:

I know what you mean about spending more time on your laptop than creating but it’s a big part of selling online.

I find you have to try and divide your time a wee bit, craft a bit and then do a wee bit online and give yourself set times otherwise you can get very disheartened.

You have some lovely pieces.

Thank you so much ladies.

I made my first sale a couple of days ago. It was a very happy day for me!

Its a shame that we cant share our listing with our facebook pages, I do hope the powers that be add a share listing button.

I always show my listings on my facebook page…I just do it independently. I just copy and paste the link on my fb page.

You can use the facebook link on each listing or you can copy and paste the url of a listing to your facebook business page.