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No Twitter Visitors?

Does anyone have any tips for generating interest on Twitter. I just linked FB and Twitter to my store. FB seams to be bringing in daily viewers but Twitter is doing nothing at all. Zero visitors.

Hi Steve!

Twitter is a very busy place, so you need to make your tweets more visible to people who might want to buy from you by using hashtags. There are a few that are good for crafts in general, such as #crafturday (on a Saturday) and there will be some that work for cosmetics. Sadly I won’t be aware of those as I sell jewellery, but there will be some! If I were you I would join in #Folksyhour on Tuesday evening to see how it works.

Sam x

I remember having a discussion with someone about how twitter results were shown in google analytics and so there may be a similar thing going on with the stats here. So if memory serves if someone clicks on a link in a tweet it doesn’t show up as twitter being the source it shows up as misc (or direct on GA) but if you have a link to your shop in your twitter profile and someone clicks on that it would show up as twitter being the source. Are you getting lots of views as misc?

I find Twitter very hit and miss. I know I have had sales through there as I have been private messaged there, but I can spend many hours tweeting and re tweeting and only get a couple of visitors to Folksy from it.
There is #Crafthour on there at 7pm tonight and #Handmadehour at 8pm tonight…join in and give them a try!

folksy hour sounds great. Will give it a try

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Thanks Sahsa. I do get a lot of misc but i always embed a link to my page in the tweet so think it would show up. Maybe my clients just dont tweet. FB is up 500%

will try iot next time around. Sadly my evening is pre booked lisitng some new products. Oh the joy lol. But great idea.

I’m inclined to think this is the case. I participated in CraftHour and Handmadehour last night but only got 3 visitors from Twitter in the last 24 hours. However, my Misc. visitors was top of my list with the most visits!

Twitter can show up (in google analytics at least) as which is twitter’s url shortner - are you seeing traffic from (which again may get filed under misc)

No, I have never seen anything from
I was wondering about Google+ as well…I don’t post on there a lot, just when I make something new, but I haven’t seen any visitors from there. Maybe that is Misc. too.


No it shows in analytics as twitter. I lost my twitter visitor virginity today lol. My first visitor. This is such hard work.

I get loads of visitors from Google. We have a google shop profile which helps and i spend ÂŁ2 a day on advertising on there but it generates a lot of views and actually too many impressions . Try ÂŁ2 a day for five days and look at the traffic increase. Im sure its self financing.

Ive bought through Twitter in the past, but not by directly following a link.
Sometimes if I see something I like I will favourite it on Twitter then go directly to the shop through Google at a later date.
So while good for exposure it may not show up as Twitter traffic.

Last year I bought a vintage camping table through Twitter - pure impulse buy :slight_smile: and have discovered many new websites through Twitter.
But hashtags are really important.

Twitter can be tricky because it’s not a primarily visual channel like Instagram and Pinterest - it’s more somewhere to network, share interesting bit of news and chat. In some ways it’s all the more interesting for that. I like the way Emily describes it in this blog post as a “Giant Hangout” - there are tips in here about different ways to use it too


really helpful. So much to learn

Thanks for this it explains a lot! I always find if I don’t tweet my sales drop but the actually views from Twitter are very low - mystery solved thanks!