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Nope - no sale here!

No really there isn’t…

I decided a few months ago that I would no longer have sale items in my shops online …so how has that gone I hear you ask?

I have had one of my best Januarys for online orders ( ok mainly elsewhere online lol!..) - almost as good as Dec and still a few days to go…
I sold one of my most expensive items in Dec on here
I have seen a lot of my older stock sell - some things that I made 3 or 4 years ago !!!

What message to take from this ? well whilst you may think something has been hanging around in your shop a while, to someone new to your shop it doesn’t look ’ dusty’ at all . Don’t rush to stick a sale price on it!

However if you are having a Sale I hope you have lots of success :slight_smile:

( pic of my regular stall at Cotsword Craft Market in Cirencester - 2nd and 4th Sat of the month - my other new outlet this year …)


Well done - and I totally agree that you should price to reflect the time invested as well as the costs of making your work.

Having said that i still have a closing down sale in my old Textile Treasures shop ha ha, but that’s just because I need the room in my workroom for new makes!! :slight_smile:


hope that sale goes well - add the link I will have a look myself !

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Ah thanks @WittyDawn - here you go! This is the shop link and most things will be marked down. The ones that aren’t are either things I don’t want to make anymore and they are commission based (so I don’t have an actual stock) or else are things I could relist in my new shop if I wanted to.

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