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Nostalgic Beatles Vinyl Records

(Ronald Koorm) #1

My Partner and I decided to sell some of our old Beatles records and amazed at the interest from people, who want to know the code numbers of the record stamper and similar marked on the record. Luckily, several of ours were ‘first pressing’ so much sought after, especially in good condition.

The reason we are selling some is that we got the 14 LP boxed set recently issued in Mono, and it sounds so much better than even the original records, yet they have not used any digital trickery or processing on them.
But they used a modern record cutting lathe and the original engineering notes. So for the first time you can hear the singers and instruments how they were meant to be heard.

Many don’t realise almost all the bulk of Beatles LP’s were recorded in Mono and a stereo mix made of some later on. Can definitely recommend the 14 LP boxed mono set - The book that came with it is almost worth the cost alone.

My music teacher at primary school was Ivor Cutler, the poet and musician, and he appeared in The Magical Mystery Tour !

Any other Beatles fans out there ?

(Christine Shephard) #2

It’s the first music I remember really hearing and liking on the radio - young as I was! - so I’ve always been a big fan. I preferred the rockier stuff really, rather than the McCartney ballads, and was later a big fan of John Lennon and George Harrison as solo artists. All the songs are classics, they were such talented songwriters, all done without the aid of digital wizardry!

I never got to see them play live - I so wish I had! - but I remember going to see A Hard Day’s Night when it was first released, and couldn’t hear a thing for all the screaming…lol. Crazy times!

(Pauline Hayward) #3

When I lived at home we had quite a few of the Beatles early records. When my Mum & Dad died I don’t know what happened to them. I never saw them when their house was cleared out by my 2 sisters.

(Ronald Koorm) #4

My wife threw out all my Beatles singles not long after we got married. They were in an old built-in cupboard where the ceiling was cracked, some dust came down in bits onto the singles, and she said they were far too dusty to be played !
Never forgave her for that !

A local charity shop is selling one of the Beatles singles for £10, so they are still sought after in good nick.

(Ronald Koorm) #5

Just sold a vinyl copy of “A Hard Days Night” on a well known auction site and got £25 for it. Think it may have been my first album. I have bought the new 14 LP boxed set, so have a pristine copy of it , and it sounds incredible through a good audio system.

George Harrison has produced some great tracks over the years.