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Fight back the tears

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

hello all I’m very upset this morning been trying to hold back tears.

I’ve not taken my guitar out of his hard case for almost 4 weeks due to lots going on.

Well tonight I have band practice so I did what I always do on a Friday morning took out my guitar to practice, play and sing.

I will have to buy a new guitar somehow the pick up on mine has been smashed and pushed into the guitar. I can’t play it plugged in.

My lovely Hohner electro austic guitar I’ve played for the last 22 years in bands is ruined.

I don’t have the monies to go into Guildford and buy another one either so I’m now ringing around friends to see if I can borrow one for tonight and for sunday.

Adopted daughter has offered her electric guitar but it’s far to heavy for me to play. Those things weight a tone. It would kill my neck and back to stand on stage playing it.

Looks like I am now saving for a new guitar. Off to find the website for Hohner and see how quickly they can replace mine. I know its covered under the insurance but that will take a wee bit of time to sort out the claim and get the monies for the replacement.

(Liz Dyson) #2

Oh, no, that’s awful. I wonder how the damage happened? Fingers crossed you can sort something out that isn’t too expensive soon.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Thanks liz I was wondering that myself and I think I might know.

The last time I used it at the end of playing I had to rush to the ladies and I left it plugged in siting in it’s guitar stand.

Some else put it away for me but I think it must have been picked up by someone and dropped onto the floor smashing the pickup into the guitar.

I do remember coming back from the loo and a band member saying I’ve put your guitar in it’s case because a couple of young lads tried playing it while you were in the ladies.

I now wonder if they’d dropped it and my fellow band member took it off them and put it away for me so they couldn’t mess with it further.

However I guess he was too late and the damage was already done :frowning:

(Denise Milward) #4

I’ve a Framus six string acoustic you can use, though I don’t think I could get it to you for tonight! I’ve owned and played it for 44 years,so do you think Antiques Roadshow might be round the corner? Seriously though, donkey’s years ago I dropped it on the strap button and it split all the way down the side, and I too was heartbroken. My amazing dad(who at 85 years old still tows their caravan to Provence twice a year for six weeks) managed to mend it so you can barely see it…sandpaper and Araldite…and it didn’t change the resonance at all. Hope you too get fixed up soon.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

awww that’s so nice of you Deni

When was about 18 I was walking back from church with my old acoustic guitar in soft case. I was almost home when the strap came away from the case and the guitar fall onto the edge of the curb.

When I got home the top had come away from the base and there were a few splinters.

With the aid of some wood glue and some rather heavy large books I was able to put it back.

I gave that guitar away a couple of years ago to a young lad who is now studying music in Reading.

I’ve just had 2 phone calls one from a friend at church who has offered me his guitar for tonight and to play at church on sunday.

Also one of my band members son’s just sent me a text saying his dad tells him I need a guitar to borrow for tonight, and he’ll drop his round in about an hour.

feeling a lot better now.

(Brenda Cumming) #6

Oh dear, that is sad…especially as you have had it and loved it for so long…what a nice offer from Denise…
I hope you can sort something out…

(Liz Lothian ) #7

Sorry about your guitar. My husband plays also and would feel terrible if something like that happened. It sounds like you have a few offers of help which is great. Liz

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

Well I phoned the guitar shop in Guildford and they don’t sell hohners looks like when I do have the monies I’ll have to look further afield.

I’m thinking Reading is 20miles from me in the other direction and as DH works in Reading I might have to see if any of their music shops sell Hohner guitars.

I still have to contact the insurance people.

(Denise Milward) #9

It’s one thing being on stage to sing, but quite another when the instrument you were relying on to give you the right key is just not there. We had a production of the original Orfeo at College. Our Head of Dept wanted all things to be as close as possible to the original scoring and managed to get hold of a crumhorn which was a key cue for Orfeo (me - it was written for a male alto but I didn’t mind being romantic lead.) The lady playing the crumhorn walked into a door on her way down to the orchestra and just couldn’t get a peep out of it that was even reasonably in tune. She ended up producing her more usual oboe which still sounded fine.
Of course,the best follow-on with that was the toga I’d worn. Me? Five foot four size 10. My now-husband looked remarkably…er,interesting in the same toga playing Aeneas in Dido & Aeneas…He was 6 feet tall and a 42" chest…let’s just say we were all relieved he kept his boxers on underneath.

(Rachel) #10

How awful for you, I know how upset my OH was when his guitar was damaged at work. I do hope you are soon sorted via the insurance . Rx

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

I’ve now got an appointment in the morning with another guitar shop in Guildford who are going to take a look for me and see if it can be mended and at what price.
Once I’ve been and found out what my options are, either repair or replace I will have to contact the insurance people and then take things from there.

I have found out Hohner no longer make my model of guitar which is a bit worrying and second hand ones are well lets say cost more than the original. yikes.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

Well I nearly came away in tears, as the old man who owns it was rude, and unhelpful. Needless to say I left and he received no business from myself and I will not be suggesting him to anyone else.

I found another shop where the 2 guys were amazing. They listened to the fact we’d already used a endoscope camera to look at the damage on the inside and they said it was too damaged to be fixed as it would be like remaking the guitar again. It was plan from their faces that they were sorry to see my guitar in such a state and knew it was upsetting to myself.

They let me try out a number of guitars plugged into one of their amplifiers let me borrow a guitar strap so I could play them the way I play on stage to see if the guitar was too big, too heavy etc etc.

Needless to say they got my business and they gave me just a tad over £100 off. So Now I have new guitar and hard case.

Just have to report to the insurance company on Monday and I’m not too worried if they don’t pay up the entire invoice as I think its just above what my other one was insured for. I’m happy to pay the excess.

(Diane Keeble) #13

so sorry to hear this Eileen, I hope you grow to love your new guitar and that it will give you many happy years service xx