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Oh dear package fail

I order a number of supplies and bits and bobs on ebay and where as most sellers pack well you get the old one that could have been better packed.

One seller was great and apologised and refunded for a broken vintage bone china plate.

but yesterday and today I’ve received two damaged packages. Yesterday were my order for pretty jingle bell hearts from China just put into a plastic bag no padding so two were broken but as they put an extra one in free I’ll not complain

This morning a pack of my guitar strings arrive they come in a little box like when I buy them from my favourite instrument shop in Guilford however buying them from a seller on ebay you’d expect a bit of extra packing to keep them safe but no into a grey plastic bag. Nnow t he box is all bashed up and I’m wondering if any of the strings are damaged. And yes metal guitar strings can be damaged and then you try putting them onto your guitar and they’ll snap.

I really don’t understand why some sellers don’t pack well. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it does has to be functional even if the items first in a plastic bag then you use newspaper it’s better than no padding at all if an item can be damaged in transit.

Rant over lol

Oh Crikey! There is nothing worse than an under packed parcel is there!!! These people just don’t seem to realise that if you package properly then you will probably be a returning customer. Grrr!

My rant over now too hahaha x

And marking something ‘fragile’ or ‘do not bend’ doesn’t make up for not using the appropriate packaging.

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I can’t imagine posting anything without using the best packaging I can, can’t understand how they think something can arrive safely just sent in a plastic bag. :confused:

I once had a dress from a well known auction site arrive in a (used) Sainsbury carrier…which also served as the envelope, with a stamp stuck on!

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I’ve had vintage linen sent wrapped in a new clean black bin liner but that was just one of the layers used so that was fine.

thats funny, especially for a dress ! I got cardboard boxes wrapped in clingfilm with an address sticker this week, it kind of worked though

I’ve had things arrive in inside out carrier bags AND still been charged for packaging!