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Not Glad To Be Back

(Pauline Hayward) #1

Just arrived home last night after 2 weeks in sunny Florida. Its was cold and wet on our car journey home from the airport.
Before we went away my boiler broke down, so I had not hot water and no heating. We managed to get an engineer out to it 2 hours before we had to leave for the airport. He said he couldn’t fix it there and then because he needed to order a part which would take about a week. As it is now Bank Holiday weekend I don’t see much chance of getting it fixed until Tuesday. The engineer did promise if we text him the the day we get back then he would make a special effort to come out over the weekend, we did that last night and so far no reply.


(Margaret Jackson) #2

Hope you enjoyed your holiday Pauline, must have been lovely to have a couple of weeks away. On the plus side at least your boiler has broken down while it’s relatively mild, our heating has been off for weeks already and we often turn off the hot water in the summer! :smile: Better than it breaking down when it’s freezing outside so you’ve been quite fortunate really. Lots of time to get it fixed before the cold weather comes around again.

(Pauline Hayward) #3

Oh Margaret how are you managing without your boiler. Its surprising on how much you rely on things when they are not working. There is that about it been a little bit warmer here now, but I did feel a bit cold last night.
We had a great holiday Thank you but its down to some serious listing and crafting as my shop is a little low and I shall be listing my festive items towards the end of July before my Plus account is up for renewal.


(Margaret Jackson) #4

I suppose we get used to not using it in the summer. It helps with the bills if we try to only use it for the two coldest quarters of the year. For the warmer six months we have the electric shower for washing and just boil a kettle for the washing up. I suppose it’s whatever we get used to, I always feel on the warm side, so am quite relieved when the heating goes off in April. We’ll turn it back on around mid October, depending on the temperature outside.

(Susan Mochrie) #5

Sorry to hear about boiler problems, Pauline and Margaret!
I hope you enjoyed the holiday Pauline, my dad lives in Florida! OH and I just got back from a fly drive in Crete, the journey was tiring and part of the motorway was closed so we had to do a really long diversion in a massive traffic jam, oh well back in the UK with a bump! Sue xx