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Not sure how to feel about this...!

(Dayzee) #1

I’ve just been reading the ‘Hints and Tips for New Traders’ section on this website: and this sentence in the paragraph about ‘Costing of Products’ makes my blood boil… !

“We would advise that you do not include your time in the costs as this can be impractical and can make your goods too expensive to market.”

Ummm… so our time, skill and experience is worthless then eh?

Won’t be booking a stall with you anytime soon then…!

(Joy Salt) #2

:@dayzee I do agree. However just want to say thank you - I have been meaning to look for a portable 6’ table and when I saw tables mentioned in the article I remembered and have just spotted the Lifeline one I want on Amazon :smile: (I have a pasting table but I don’t trust it - it wobbles in the middle :laughing:

@SianFolksy is the edit checker a little bit picky do you think. I tried to edit this to insert a missing space after my smile but it won’t let me as it says the content is too similar ? I am sure that i will be allowed to do it now of course as I’ve also added this but won’t so you can see why I wanted to change it )

(Christina Green) #3

Shocking! And completely contrary to any advice I’ve seen anywhere else!! Much as we love our crafts, we all need to put bread on the table and to be valued and money is necessary for both.

(Helen Smith) #4

Words fail me. At first I thought (being charitable) that perhaps they meant not to include the time spent actually at the market? After all, it it’s a rubbish market and you only sell one item that would make it pretty expensive. But then I read further on and decided that no, they just want you to sell cheap. They’re not in my area but if they were I’d not be signing up for their markets!

(Joy Salt) #5

I think if they were in my area I would walk round with a placard saying “The traders at this market are being exploited. Please give generously”

(Margaret Jackson) #6

How bizarre, I thought the whole point of selling is to make a profit, I can’t understand how they think you’d donate your precious time making the items and not charge for it!

(Amanda Robins) #7

Absolute madness! The cost of my labour is always more than the cost of my materials.

(Sarah Eves) #8

I’m assuming it’s been written by a non crafter who shops for low prices, mass produced and foreign imports…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

Well we all know better thankfully.

mmm I wonder if they’d say the same to a painter and decorator oh don’t charge for your time only the paint and bits you use to do the job.

Maybe we should try that when we need the car serviced at a garage. ‘Sorry I only pay for the new sparks plugs, oil and coolant you’ve put in my car not your time’ yeah I’m sure that will go down a like a lead balloon and the mechanic would be holding onto our car keys until we paid up the invoice in full. :lol:

(Nifty) #10

if that happens Joy can you let us know please? I’d travel quite some distance to take pics of you!

(Joy Salt) #11

Heather I promise to let you know in go time :slight_smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #12

I’d join you on the picket line Joy :smile:

(Natalie Ofkants) #13

Good Lord! How incredible! I am at a loss for words!