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Feeling extra tired after our car crash

Feel so tired to day after being in a 6 car pile up yesterday on the m3 going towards Winchester, the 2 lane bit thankfully.

Thankfully no one was injured, but many were in shock crying and shaking.

It started with a car being hit in the windscreen by a rather large pigeon, and ended with 6 smashed cars and one little white VW escaping being crushed between our huge heavy lexus and a big black transit van which was smashed forward by a bmw.

We’d managed to avoid hit the quashqui in front of us when DH saw the transit lurching down on the little VW behind us. He saw a gap in the inside lane and managed to get our car half way over so allowing the VW to slide along side us and the central crash barrier.

However the transit van was still being smashed towards everyone the driver tried to steer it into the inside lane but like us he didn’t manage to completely make it and hit the corner of our rear end and slammed us into the corner rear end of the Quashi and it rippled along everyone smashing into the car in front.

It was bizarre as there we all where all smashed up against each other with this single little white VW along side us untouched but able to open her doors because there was no room to open driver or passenager door.

It was so weird as suddenly our car was free just enough for DH to move it out of the line of smashed cars and drive it into the hard shoulder.

Not a single person was hurt, but the cars where just mangled I don’t know how those in the BMW walked from their car or the family with new baby and 8month pregnant lady were unharmed in their car as it was smashed the guy had to kick the door open to get them all out.

I was told I made the traffic stop seems I put out my hand and stound in the inside lane so everyone could run across to the safety of the hard shoulder.

I do kind of remember doing it as I remember looking at a car that had slowed down and looking at the driver, but it was like it was me watching someone else if you know what I mean.

I remember going along to everyone to see if they were alright thinking don’t forget your first aid training.

It all seems so unreal to day and I’m so so tired.

Oh poor you. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. You are probably still in shock, I know i would be!
You may find that you have whiplash as I am told that it can come on later. Wishing you all the best.
Claire x

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So sorry this happened but such a relief that everyone was OK. Will take a few days to catch up with you and you may ache in places you didn’t know you had. Really take things easy and look after yourself.

Gill x

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Thanks Claire

I think you might be right as yesterday I just went into automatic mode dealing with each thing as it came up.

I remember the young Indian guy coming up to me and giving me a hug and thanking me for looking after his pregnant wife and told me I was brave to stop the traffic.

Oh how awful Eileen. I’m glad you’re OK and no-one is hurt. Take it easy for a few days - I’ve discovered from past experience that the shock from a car accident can last longer than you’d expect (and my accident was not as bad as yours).

So true Helen as this morning I have a very light and small bruise where the seat belt tighten on me in the impact.

And I’ve had a few little tears as well.

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That sounds frightening Eileen. Treat yourself gently for a while, you are bound to suffer some after effects. So glad everyone was relatively unscathed.
Di xx

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Gosh sounds dreadful just glad no-one badly injured

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That’s awful - hope you feel better soon. You must be really shaken up.

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OMG Eileen…how awful and I am SO glad that you are ok…and that everyone else was ok too…
That must have been very sureal.
Take it easy …delayed shock can sometimes hit.
Well done to you as well for helping to lesson , what might have been a very nasty event.
Sending healing vibes to you and everyone.
How on earth did you get home?

Gosh, that’s given me goosebumps just reading about it! I hope you all recover OK, so glad no-one was seriously hurt. Take care xxx

Ouch! Glad to hear that you are all OK, that must have been so scary!

Oh my goodness! Someone in heaven - if you believe in such a place, was looking out for you all. You are amazing. I do hope you will get over your shock soon. Thinking of you xxxx

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So glad you weren’t injured. Not surprised you were shocked.
Do take it very easy for a few days.
We were hit in the back Very hard once and it was fully 2 days later when I suddenty started shaking at work And discovered I had a rather bad neck.

:fearful: That just sounds awful! Bet it feels strange writing it down like that as well as it will have happened barely within seconds.
I’m so glad you’re all ok and pretty much unhurt. Like others have said though, do look after yourself over the next few days. You’re also bound to start aching.
Hope you start to feel normal again soon!! :worried:

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So true about it really all happening in seconds yet it seemed to happen in slow motion almost.

Brenda it was surreal it was kind of like watching a film and but your in it. Very hard to explain. It was like I was watching myself doing things.

oh Joy your so right.

At the time I didn’t really hit me. When we were on the recovery vehical the driver had to drop the other car at his depot but as we were with the AA he was going to then take us and our car home. He was uncoupling the other car when I started to think, "Did that really happen, how did we all get out without injuries. The woman in the little VW in the middle of it all surrended by crashed cars and a central reservation barrier.

I looked at the photo’s DH took of each car and thought people got out of that without injury it’s not real. I then nearly started crying and my hand started to shake a bit so I gave DH his phone back. Took a deep breath, wiped my eyes.

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Thank goodness you’re ok and everyone else got out without serious harm. It can take ages to get over the shock. I’ve only ever had one crash, when someone drove into my car and shunted it into the car in front, so I was sandwiched and my car written off. Thankfully I wasn’t hurt (other than a sore neck and bruises) but I was very shaken and kept suddenly crying for the next few days. The AA man was lovely and took my car to the garage, emptied it for me and then took me and my stuff home. He told me to have a soak in a warm bath with lots of salt added to help the sore muscles and have a strong cuppa. Made me cry again…

Take it easy and rest up a bit.

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I know exactly what you mean…someone was definitely looking after you. x

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