Folksy Ltd

Number of product listings

I’ve only had 4 sales since being open since the end of last year. But I only have 25 product listings, just wondering if it would help me to list a lot more. X

Some will say that having more listings helps you get found in more searches so lead to more sales however there are some very successful shops which only have a limited number of listings - it depends on how much competition you have and how your products compare. Have you tried searching folksy to see how your items compare to others? How do you promote your shop? Social media, business cards handed out at events etc. It can take a while for shops to get going and promotion really helps.

I’ve found that we’ve had more sales since I reduced the number of items in our shop. At one point we had around 20 listings for items which were the same but in different colours, this definitely didn’t work for us because our views decreased and so did sales. Sticking to a select few items would be my advice, sometimes things take a while to get up and running but I’m sure your shop will take off soon x

I’ve just had a nosy at your shop and the stock is lovely! I like the composition of your pictures too but I do think that a few of your photographs are a little dark though and might benefit from some editing to improve the brightness. With your permission I can edit one of your photographs for you and send it via email to show you what I mean, just send me your email address :slight_smile:

Thank you for that I’m just not very good with using packages for photos. Can I ask what package you use to lighten photos.

I use photoshop. There’s a handy “auto” feature for adjustments which would work just fine on your images. Our email is if you want to send me a few and i’ll do them for you, it’ll only take me a couple of minutes and i’ll be editing some of our new images this weekend anyway x