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Obeying the rules - Soap and Cosmetics

(Cherry Theresa) #1


I’d be interested to hear anyone who sells soap or similar explain how they obey the regulations regarding the labelling and testing of soap and cosmetics? That is, what they do in actual practice with labelling and safety testing, and what they find are the pitfalls and mistakes you have to put effort into avoiding? I’m fairly new to this and I find some of the rules rather daunting, particularly as the people who drew them up seem to have envisaged a massive production line backed up by a massive research department creating and testing new chemicals, not someone making five or six small bars of soap at a time in a domestic kitchen from craft materials and herbs! I am in contact with the trading standards people locally but I wondered if anyone had any experience they’d be willing to share?

Thanks :smile:

(Margaret Jackson) #2

I’m sorry I don’t know much about this but here’s a thread on a similar subject which might help a little: