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Wholesale enquiry


I have been approached about selling my soaps wholesale. The person who is enquiring has an etsy shop with 4 products for sale and hasn’t sold anything. I have asked where they want to sell my products.
Should I be suspicious? I want to think the best of everyone (at least give the benefit of the doubt) but I’m wary. I don’t want my product changed in any way. They just want to know what my wholesale price is at this stage but surely if they have an etsy shop it seems pointless me selling wholesale if I could sell retail on there myself?
Any help gratefully received,



Yes sorry but I would be suspicious. How would your product be sold? Might it be simply repackaged with someone else’s branding and so on.

That would certainly set my Suspicious Antennae twanging… I’d politely say I wasn’t interested.

We get a lot of people asking us all sorts of these questions ,and when it come down to the nitty gritty 95% are just fishing about prices…Its hard because you dont know when one day a real big wholesale order may come in but you become wary of all. All you can really do is keep asking your own questions and you soon get a vibe from real buyers …Have a great weekend…

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Thanks everyone. I think I may decline as I’m also not getting answers to my questions about where the soap will be sold. I’m hoping this will die a natural death.

Thanks for your support everyone x