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(ApplewoodStudios) #1

I’ve just dipped my hand in my purse and bought this book. I’m about to stick my head in it for the rest of December to get a kick start on how to market online.

Can I ask if anyone has read this book yet and how much of the information have they put into practice? I’d be really interested to know.


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(Jo Sara) #2

I haven’t read the book, but if you get stuck on anything you can always ask @HilaryP direct :wink:


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(Jo Sara) #3

p.s. I have a quick marketing tip I can give you too. If you log out of the forum by using the drop down menu you get by clicking on your avatar at the top right of this page, then log back in again, you should get a blue clickable link of your shop name next to a shopping trolley (like I’ve got on mine) on every post you make in the forum. So great for people who see you posting to go and have a nose around your shop,


(Sue) #4

Thank you @JoSara I wondered why some people had personalised ones!!! What a useful tip, I’ve successfully changed mine too :grin::grin::grin:

(ApplewoodStudios) #5

Thank you so much. I just couldn’t work it out! I’ll do that (tomorrow) (now sat on backside watching telly and drinking a much needed Prosecco!)

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(Marg) #6

Thanks Jo for that tip.

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(HilaryP) #7

Ooh thanks for buying my book @ApplewoodStudios I hope you find it useful, if anything doesn’t make sense do ask :smile:

(ApplewoodStudios) #8

That’s great, thanks Hilary. It’s already making me think a lot!

(JuliaYorkDesigns) #9

I have the book and I’m reading it and ‘doing’ it. There’s an awful lot of information in the book and so much to do when you starting from more or less scratch. So, as I’m very very good at overwhelm I’ve decided to work at one aspect and then move on to the next. One of my BIG hurdles is that I’ve not been a big social media user up to this point and it’s difficult to keep blogging etc when there’s not a great deal of interaction with anyone. I’m ignoring that aspect for now as I reach out … slowly more folk are beginning to respond. There’s a lot of sound advice and more importantly ways for ‘doing’ it that make sense even if you’re not a total ‘tech’ head. I’ve read things in the past that some how assume you want to be dabbling in code everywhere and I really don’t want to do that. I just want something that works. So, I’ve begun with a blog, created a Facebook page (work in progress), a Pinterest board and an instagram account everything is linked to everything else, including here and I’m building from there. There’s lots to take away from the book and lots to do and I’m really grateful for it. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough… it’s a route map and I really needed that.

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(Amberlilly) #10

This sounds interesting!

(Helen Healey) #11

Hmmm. I think I may have to ask Santa for this book. :smile:

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(Julie Maginn) #12

I agree with Julia York designs totally!! I have only skimmed through the book at the moment but it is brilliant and I can already see several plans forming in my head!! Hopefully they will actually leave my head soon :smile:
I’m looking forward to reading it properly over Christmas when all the craziness has died down and finally dipping my toe into facebook and hopefully making sense of twitter which is a complete mystery to me! And as someone who used to do IT support for college students that really annoys me!
It appears to be very well written and an easy read but packed with all sorts of usefull information that never would have occurred to me. It covers every sort of social media out there and I will be concentrating on one or two when I’ve decided which!! Cheers Hilary!!

(ApplewoodStudios) #13

I’ve decided to use my old study trick which is to read a book all the way through just to get a feel for it and then go back with a pencil, notebook and highlighter pen identifying the areas I want to focus on.

I already have a blog; (130 followers)
I’m on Facebook - (243 followers)
and have a twitter account - @jeanstevens4 (4250 followers)
I’ve just joined Google+ as I don’t actually the way Facebook operates all that much.
and one of my favourites is Instagram, but I’m just getting to grips with it.

It’s been four and half years since I started my blog the other accounts are younger.

So, I’m looking forward to targeting my posts on all my accounts after I’ve pulled together my marketing strategy but I do agree with JulieYorkDesigns in that I need to focus on one aspect at a time. This will also allow me to measure the effect of the changes.

It’s going to be interesting!

(Jenny Baxter) #14

Following your links, Jean, I’ve been browsing your blog and website, and am both impressed and encouraged. Am going to try to embrace a bit more social media than FB (although I probably won’t stretch to Twitter…) Thanks for sharing (btw I love your work too).

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(ApplewoodStudios) #15

That’s very kind of you thank you. I’ve had some very good coaching from other established artists but I think it’ll be an evolving journey with no destination! Good luck for your venture further into social media! You have a lovely work, so it would be good to get exposure.

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(Angela Callanan) #16

Thanks for sharing this Jean. Looks very interesting. I’ve had a look at the reviews on Amazon - this may sound a bit trivial but just wanted to check. A few people have complained about the text being different colours making it difficult to read and very annoying. Did others find this?

(ApplewoodStudios) #17

Hi Angela. I haven’t had any issues with it but I can see why some people might complain. The page backgrounds are predominantly white so although the letters are colours rather than standard black, I think it’s still easy enough to read. It’s written is an easy style and the sections are broken down nicely into manageable chunks.

(Angela Callanan) #18

Thanks Jean. Sounds like it might be worth a look. Let us know how you get on.

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(TerryChanceMosaicsEtc) #19

This book looks great! I’m going to get it today - a great thing to get stuck into over Christmas.:evergreen_tree:

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(Jenny Baxter) #20

I have to confess that put me off when I used the ‘look inside’ facility on Amazon. I find that kind of thing irritating and, therefore, distracting. So I’m still deliberating…

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